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I just added Antitrust: Taking On Monopoly Power From The Gilded Age To The Digital Age by: Amy Klobuchar  to the Recommended Reading List.

Senator Klobuchar deals with too big business in a very kitchen table manner with only minimal wonkishness.   The introduction alone should be required reading before voting.


Of Markets And Mayhem

It is early Tuesday morning as I pen this and the stock markets are up just a tad after a disastrous day yesterday. My assumption is that some bargain hunting is going on. As my regular readers know I regard the stock market as mainly a gambling casino for rich boys (often using other people’s money) and a poor barometer of the overall economy. It’s kind of like evaluating the economy by the size of the Powerball jackpot. With that “disclaimer” given let’s explore. Continue reading Of Markets And Mayhem

Wondering About Trump

It’s a cloudy crystal ball day but nonetheless I wanted to look at a few thoughts that had passed through my head the last few days. Let’s explore. Continue reading Wondering About Trump

How Bad Might It Be?

Last week was a week of distraction from the perspective of the Trump administration. Since we have a President who is more concerned with television ratings and content than actually running a nation last week was a successful one. With all the distractions in the news there was precious little coverage of Russiagate. In reality (not the world Trump lives in) it didn’t make any difference because Robert Mueller and team kept right on quietly working like professionals do (the behavior of professionals is another concept foreign to Trump). Continue reading How Bad Might It Be?

It’s The End Of The World As We Knew It

Today’s posting is inspired by and its title is a takeoff on REM’s 1987 hit entitled: It’s the End of the World As We Know It. That line is both the song’s title and the oft repeated refrain. By changing the tense of one word is it perfectly sums up what damage Donald Trump has done to America’s global image in a succinct phrase. Let’s explore. Continue reading It’s The End Of The World As We Knew It