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Rated R – Walmart

Just over a year ago I started the Rated R section. Yes, there was something racy about the choice of words that was intended to grab attention. There was also careful thought that went into that decision. I could have just called for flat out boycotts but I realized that they are not always practical. I do not want progressives to cut off their nose to spite their face. I also knew the day would come when I inevitably would put Wal Mart on the Rated R list, and today is that day. Continue reading Rated R – Walmart

Donald The Patriot?

Today we celebrate the 240th anniversary of America’s independence. The holiday is formally called Independence Day but I, like most Americans, think of it as the Fourth of July. As a little boy I loved to play baseball and the Fourth of July has always been my favorite holiday because it was the one that almost always brought baseball weather with it to Western New York. Appropriately my first date with my wife was on the Fourth of July. It was a good holiday for an older version of Larry too! Continue reading Donald The Patriot?

Homicidal Suicidal

There were two major terrorist attacks last week; one on Tuesday in Turkey and one on Friday in Bangladesh. I have learned to refrain from comment or drawing conclusions until some time has passed. The initial reports often end up being inaccurate. One of the features of American news coverage of these events is the talking heads trying to give us “insight” into the unfolding events. Two words resonated from a comment I heard and I’d like to talk about them today. Continue reading Homicidal Suicidal