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Two Issues To Run On

Much has been made, both here and elsewhere, about the frustration of getting the good economic news to resonate with large portions of the electorate. That is true and I’m certain you will hear more about it, again, here and elsewhere, between now and Election Day but I feel if Biden is to win the dialog has to center on two other issues: Choice and Democracy. You might say two freedom issues.

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Pro-baby. Oh Baby!

22 years ago today I was talking to my biggest customer in Tarpon Springs, Florida when I heard the news of the attack on the Twin Towers. Today I’m retired and living in North Carolina’s Triangle Region. In 2001 the January 6th domestic coup attempt replaced 9/11 as the worst attack on America. But today I want to spend a few minutes on what potentially could be a more threatening attack on American democracy – today’s Republican party.

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The Campaign Of Rapidly Waning Relevance

Putting the debt ceiling aside (for a day anyway) the biggest political story of last week – or at least what I’m deeming as such – was the equivalent of a political train wreck; we just can’t seem to ignore it.

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Loyalty Via The Truth

Tuesday South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham displayed his true loyalty, told the truth and further messed up the Republicans’ mid-term chances.

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Progressive Sweeping IX

Today’s is the ninth edition in this “series”. At commencement my only wonder is if it will be sufficient for what’s already waiting in the wings. Let’s get about answering that question. Continue reading Progressive Sweeping IX