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The Endorsements Of Jon Ossoff And Ralph Warnock

Tellthetruthonthem.com has endorsed a lot of candidates over the years. Never has it endorsed two in the same article or on the same day for that matter.  Unusual times call for unusual steps.  Let’s explore.   Continue reading The Endorsements Of Jon Ossoff And Ralph Warnock

More Than The Presidency

The race for the White House has garnered most of the political news coverage but equally important (and arguably more important) is control of the Senate. Today I’d like to give you a less than crystal clear look at what that looks like. Let’s explore. Continue reading More Than The Presidency

None Of The Above Is Not An Option

Omarosa went on her generate excitement book tour this week. She has made a lot of allegations about President Trump. Generally speaking I find neither to be credible. Trump is the President so I am forced to pay attention to him. On the other hand generally I have the luxury of simply ignoring Omarosa and a lot of people like her. I do not go out of my way to watch her, and will not either buy or read her book. However in this he said/she said I have to decide who to believe. Therein is the latest example of an ongoing dilemma and a lesson. Let’s explore.   Continue reading None Of The Above Is Not An Option

Coattails To Wave?

The Democrats will have to defend 26 Senate seats this November, (that includes the two independents who caucus with them). Nine of them, approximately one-third, were won in 2012 in part by riding Obama’s coattails. At least four of the nine look to be vulnerable. That presents some interesting situations. Let’s explore. Continue reading Coattails To Wave?

Huge Dilemma Or Another Distraction

The Republicans wheeled out their long awaited repeal and replace health care plan last week. As expected it certainly didn’t live up to their rhetoric. Is there another aspect at play? Let’s explore. Continue reading Huge Dilemma Or Another Distraction