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I’m Wondering

I’m perplexed about two things this Monday morning. Since they are both rooted in the same rapidly dynamic situation the timing is important. One is fairly immediate and the other is longer term, in two stages and related to the first. Confused? Please read along and I will clear up the mystery but alas have no definitive answers at this point. Continue reading I’m Wondering


I just added Antitrust: Taking On Monopoly Power From The Gilded Age To The Digital Age by: Amy Klobuchar  to the Recommended Reading List.

Senator Klobuchar deals with too big business in a very kitchen table manner with only minimal wonkishness.   The introduction alone should be required reading before voting.


Georgia, Georgia, Georgia

Today is the last day of voting in the Georgia Senate runoff elections which among other things proves that Jim Crow hasn’t completely died in the American South. There is much more at stake here and along with two aspects I haven’t heard discussed I’ll try to cover it in the following paragraphs.  Let’s explore.   Continue reading Georgia, Georgia, Georgia

A Joke?

Friday President Trump told a crowd at one of his pep rallies in Macon, Georgia that if he lost the election he might leave the country. Millions of Americans reacted by silently saying “Yes!” Trump’s people later said it was a joke. Where have we heard that before? President Obama could have had a second career as a standup comic; he is that talented at timing and humor. President Trump has no such career opportunity. With that in mind and perhaps anticipating another tidbit or two let’s explore. Continue reading A Joke?

A Four Day Sham And Other Distractions

It is just past noon on Sunday as I begin to pen this article for publication at 1am on Monday. I’d like to look a few days in the past and a few days into the future. Let’s explore. Continue reading A Four Day Sham And Other Distractions