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Snark Attack

I’m in a snaky mood today therefore I’m planning on writing an article citing several things and making a snarky comment about each. Let’s see how it turns out.

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A Friend In Florida And A Physician In Alabama

On August 16th I published an article entitled, An Argument For COVID Conservatism, in which I argued for individuals taking prudent actions in relation to the pandemic, in other words a conservative path. My good friend and frequent reader, Jeff McKnight, posed the following question in a comment to it: “Would it be unreasonable to deny a hospital bed to an unvaccinated COVID patient in favor of a vaccinated heart attack (etc.) patient?  Just curious.”

On August 18th the Washington Post reported that an Alabama physician, Jason Valentine, was refusing to treat some unvaccinated patients. Those were the two “kicks in the posterior” that gave me the courage to write today’s article.

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Oh, Governor!

Today I’ve chosen to center my article around what I felt was the most outrageous political story of the week just ended. I’ve thrown in a few dishonorable mentions and will leave you with an ironic truth to ponder.

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Pass The Buck “Leadership”

Today I want to talk about a bi-partisan – but heavily skewed to the Republicans – problem in America. Those who monitor rather than read me will be pleased in that I’ll actually say a few critical things about some Democrats. They deserve it and their fear of those who accept right wing mythology has everything to do with it.

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