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The Anticipated Thursday Followup

Just as I anticipated this is a two “clean up article” week. Today I’m going to cover much of what I didn’t on Tuesday, some events that occurred in the interim and yet I still anticipate much won’t “make the cut”. Continue reading The Anticipated Thursday Followup


The title of today’s article is a portmanteau; a “combination” of two words to coin a new one. The words are Afghanistan and scam. (If you learned a new word you are not alone. I needed the help of a brilliant friend to come up with portmanteau.) On Thanksgiving Day, in desperate need of a distraction that he could portray as a victory, President Trump announced peace talks with the Taliban on a trip to Afghanistan. It was a scam. Let’s explore. Continue reading Afghaniscam

Trump Said Nothing Of Substance That Wasn’t Dangerous

Monday night I settled in front of the television just before 9pm to hear President Trump address the nation from Ft. Myer in Arlington, Virginia about his plans for handling the nearly 16 year-old conflict in Afghanistan. (Early in his speech he referred to it as a 17 year-old war. He must have been using Paul Ryan arithmetic. 17-1=16 where I went to school; I’m giving him the rounding errors.) In my mind it was worse than a 25 minute nothingburger; the tiny bit of substance that it contained was mind bogglingly dangerous. Let’s explore.       Continue reading Trump Said Nothing Of Substance That Wasn’t Dangerous

Greatest Hits: Responsibility For The National Debt Revisited

Please note: The following article was originally posted in July of 2011. While its numbers are certainly dated the principles they illustrate are not. The national debt has again arisen as an issue in the 2016 campaign. The Republicans falsely try to portray it as total mismanagement by President Obama aided by Hillary Clinton.   In reality it illustrates that a combination of tax cuts and faulty decisions by the George W. Bush administration have inflated the debt more than the collective actions of all his predecessors and President Obama combined. Continue reading Greatest Hits: Responsibility For The National Debt Revisited