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Project 2025 Part One

When I decided I had to read Project 2025 I did not know how lengthy my comments would be. Would it be a single article or a series. Well, I’m less than 100 pages (out of over 900) into my reading and I already know it will be a series of, at this point, of yet to be determined duration. If I had to make an initial comment it is: this is worse than I imagined!

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Why I Still Plan On Voting For Joe Biden

Timestamp: Wednesday morning

Today’s title (and more about the selection of this specific publication date below) gives away the action; I want to primarily concentrate the “why” component in the following.

I had the idea for this article in my head when my personal friend Steve posted a comment to an earlier article. That cemented today’s content. I like to think of myself as a practical progressive. It may be crude, and a bit unfair to the president, but at this point I think the Democrats are pretty much stuck with Joe Biden as their 2024 nominee.

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Progressive Sweeping LXXVI

I’ll never cover all that I should but let’s give it a whirl.

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Today’s Senate Shapshot

While when we get to the bottom line not much has changed since the last time, I felt it was time to take another look at the 2024 Senate races. The biggest change I made was to add a new category.
The basics remain the same. The Democrats enter the contest with a one seat “lead”. If the new race ends up in a tie control goes to whichever party wins the White House (despite the polls I still favor Joe Biden and thereby the Democrats but only by the thinnest of margins). The Republicans have 11 seats to defend and the Democrats 23.

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Progressive Sweeping LXIV

I know I’ll never cover all I’d like to so I won’t waste much space on today’s intro.

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