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Our Attention Is Lacking And Misdirected

It is early Monday morning as I write this article. All weekend I was waiting in vain for the outcry on what should be the major political story. It never happened. In the process I made some other observations. It is time to get this off my chest. Let’s explore. Continue reading Our Attention Is Lacking And Misdirected

Bought Bipartisan

I face two problems with today’s article: controlling my rage and keeping it brief enough. On Sunday October 15th The Washington Post published Scott Higham and Lenny Bernstein’s article The Opioid Epidemic: How Congress and the drug companies worked to neutralize the DEA. Later that evening the two lead segments of CBS’s 60 Minutes were dedicated to the same topic. The two news organizations had collaborated on the pieces. Let’s explore.   Continue reading Bought Bipartisan