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1, 2 or 3 – Take Care Of T

Particularly after Wednesday’s events the big political question in America is what to do with President Trump. To all but the willfully ignorant he poses a clear and present danger to America and leaving him in office for even a few more days is risky.  There are three paths to evict him early, none of which are foolproof.  Let’s explore. Continue reading 1, 2 or 3 – Take Care Of T

Of Politics And Personal Conduct

Culture starts at the top in large government entities as it does in any other organization. That is why I’m in favor of putting CEO’s in prison when companies willfully violate laws. Putting a plant manager or middle level executive in jail doesn’t change the culture or prevent future occurrences. Whether we like it or not Donald Trump is the President and Mike Pence is the Vice President and therefore in terms of structure and succession number two. They both lack the skill of leadership, their personal conduct illustrates it and the federal government reflects it. Let’s explore. Continue reading Of Politics And Personal Conduct

Lead, Follow Or Get Out Of The Way

Today’s article is an exercise in futility in that it is an open letter to President Trump. That takes nothing away from the facts that it is both good advice and would produce a good outcome for both America and the world. Continue reading Lead, Follow Or Get Out Of The Way

My President Is An Evil Idiot

By virtue of the Fourteenth Amendment to the American Constitution and my birthplace I am a citizen of the United States. Therefore, whether I like it or not (hint: I don’t!) Donald Trump is my current president. The preceding does nothing to change the fact that Trump is an evil idiot. (I just wish I had more time and space for even more examples than those I will offer today.) Continue reading My President Is An Evil Idiot

America A. T. – Part Five

The following is the fifth installment in a series of undetermined duration and frequency about life in America after Trump (A.T.).

One “service” to America that Donald Trump has performed as president is to expose several shortcomings in our system. He is exploiting them and we must make provisions to make certain that doesn’t happen in the future. Today I’d like to explore just one – the acting Cabinet member. Please come along. Continue reading America A. T. – Part Five