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Constitution Only When Convenient

The American right wing which at this point has successfully taken over the Republican Party loves to profess their devotion to the Constitution. The reality is that they are only devoted to the Constitution as they interpret it and even then, only when it is convenient for them. Doubt me? Read on.

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The Other Bernie

Tuesday night American political nerds had one eye on Ohio and the other on everything else. With the Buckeye State’s polls closing early they didn’t have to do it far into the evening. Trump endorsed Bernie Moreno won the Republican senate primary. The story far from ends there.

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Extremely Cautiously Optimistic

There is a long way between here and Election Day, let alone any possible shenanigans afterwards, but I’m feeling extremely cautiously optimistic and I’d like to share my thoughts on that topic with you today.

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Over Coffee And A Donut

Over the years I’ve had many conversations about term limits for members of congress. The catalyst for the latest one was frustration over where we stood a few hours before I penned this on Monday morning. It appears that a best case scenario is that an eleventh hour agreement resulting in a CR that  would keep the government open until some new self-imposed deadline. Keep in mind a budget was due back in September of 2023 and our best hope is to again kick the can further down the road and operate under an extended 2022 agreement. Few, if any, employers would tolerate that kind of job performance from their employees and few, if any, educators would pass a student with a similar performance.

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Blue Backlash

In Tuesday’s article I coined the term “Blue Backlash”. I hope Democratic operatives and candidates take it seriously and use it where applicable. Its potential exists in all but a few very gerrymandered red districts. Today I want to explain it in a bit more detail. Continue reading Blue Backlash