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Trump Is A Wartime President. He Is Just Failing Miserably!

Most President’s want to be consider among the best ever. After seeing his ego on display does anyone really doubt that Trump is among them? The best path to fame is by being a wartime President. It is also one of the best paths to a second term. The “don’t change horses in the middle of the stream” argument is pretty persuasive. The president’s first obligation is to keep America and Americans safe. I contend that Donald Trump is failing in that task. Let’s explore. Continue reading Trump Is A Wartime President. He Is Just Failing Miserably!

Probabilities And Possibilities

I’m back to my version of live blogging which means I’m writing an op-ed the day before publishing, (most often the morning before). Predicting what is going to happen in the Trump era is almost as impossible as accurately writing about the 23rd century. Tuesday, January 15th promises to be a big news day. I’d like to briefly comment on four topics of the day: Brexit, the Trump Shutdown 3.0, Steve King and Bill Barr. Let’s explore. Continue reading Probabilities And Possibilities

A Goal And One Path

Sometime back in early December I wrote an article entitled, An Early Peak At The 2020 Senate Races, which was published on January 2nd. Things look even better for a Democratic takeover of the upper chamber with a month passed and the House freshman may have shown progressives a path to attain that goal. Let’s explore.   Continue reading A Goal And One Path

The Case For Leaving Kennedy’s Seat Open

Yesterday’s article dealt with Anthony Kennedy’s open Supreme Court seat in a rather practical manner. Today I admit to being Pollyannaish however I think I’m on solid moral ground. While many on the left join me in asking to keep the seat open until after the November elections with a special eye to control of the next Senate I will take it further saying that we should leave the seat open until the full results and ramifications of the Mueller probe are public. Let’s explore. Continue reading The Case For Leaving Kennedy’s Seat Open

The Endorsement Of Bill Nelson

This is the first of what will be several 2018 endorsements. Often in races a true progressive will not present themselves; it appears the 2018 U.S. Senate race in Florida will be one of those races. Monday, via Twitter, term limited Florida Governor Rick “The Fifth” Scott to nobody’s surprise announced he would seek the Republican nomination to challenge incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson. While Nelson is not a pure progressive I want to make it clear that this endorsement is of the vastly superior candidate and far from a lesser of two evils situation!   Continue reading The Endorsement Of Bill Nelson