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One Week Out And Thus Far

One week from tonight the first day of the two day first round of the 2020 Democratic Presidential Debates will commence. I thought today would be a good time to get my two cents in on the debates and also do a periodic review of the campaign to date. Let’s explore. Continue reading One Week Out And Thus Far

He’s Nuts!

You know your campaign is really going poorly when people from both Parties, (yes that includes the one you are the standard bearer of), are openly discussing and writing that they think you are crazy. That is the situation Donald Trump found himself in last week. Continue reading He’s Nuts!

The New TPP

There’s a new TPP in town and it has nothing to do with a trade agreement. It is a new political alliance: Trump-Pence-Putin. Let’s look at that as the Democrats prepare for their national convention in Philadelphia. (This article is being penned on Sunday July 24th.)   Continue reading The New TPP