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My President Is A Deplorable Human Being

Polarization is a huge problem in contemporary American politics. If you use a Venn diagram to illustrate the positions of the right and left in this country one of the few places the circles would overlap is the respect for veterans, particularly those who gave their life in the line of duty. I have never worn the uniform of this country and have disagreed with almost every military action my country has taken in my lifetime. That in no way diminishes my respect for veterans. The last time I checked nobody in the military writes their own orders; they go where they are told, when they are told. One of the lowest things an American can do is use the military, especially a military death in the line of duty, for their self-aggrandizement. That is exactly what Donald Trump has done on multiple occasions. Let’s explore.       Continue reading My President Is A Deplorable Human Being

Bernie Sanders – 2016 Progressive Of The Year

The afternoon of September 7th was one of the most enjoyable of 2016 for me. I spent it poolside at Jeff McKnight’s Florida home where the two of us chatted about politics for the better part of four hours. One of the topics was who I might select as Progressive of the Year for 2016. At that point it seemed to be a field of two: Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Either choice would be outstanding. I expressed a reluctance to select Sanders because he was 2015’s winner. In the interim Washington Post reporter David Farenthold published a series of articles exposing many of Donald Trump’s devious practices that I thought might help Hillary Clinton get elected making Farenthold a worthy candidate. As you can tell by the title tellthetruthonthem.com, as it did in 2015, has named Vermont independent Senator Bernie Sanders the Progressive of the Year.

In 2016 Bernie Sanders simply had the greatest impact on advancing the progressive cause and in the process recruited and energized a generation of young people who are for the most part disinterested in political party labels. These young people are America’s future and they are deeply concerned about causes, equality and opportunity.

Sanders did the right things during and following the Democratic Convention. He supported Hillary Clinton (the best hope for progressives); he tried to unite the Democratic Party and was largely successful in doing so. He waited until Labor Day to hit the trail which was when he would have the greatest impact. Then he was an energetic and tireless surrogate for Clinton.

While Warren’s and Sanders’ interests and policies largely overlap and are never in conflict, Sanders’ “portfolio” is a bit larger. Both are energetic, consistent and courageous spokesperson for progressive causes. With the election of Donald Trump investigative journalists will be more important than ever. Hopefully the Washington Post will remember its “heritage” of Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein who brought down Richard Nixon and display the same courage in allowing Farenthold to continue reporting on Trump.

Warren and Farenthold will have other opportunities to win this award. It is with great pride and no excuses that tellthetruthonthem.com names Bernie Sanders the Progressive of the Year for a second consecutive year. On a personal note: Thanks and have a great holiday Jeff!

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He’s Nuts!

You know your campaign is really going poorly when people from both Parties, (yes that includes the one you are the standard bearer of), are openly discussing and writing that they think you are crazy. That is the situation Donald Trump found himself in last week. Continue reading He’s Nuts!

…And In Other News

I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, perhaps it is a little bit of both; but am I the only one who has noticed that mass shootings and terrorist incidents are not dominating the American news the way they did just a few weeks ago? Continue reading …And In Other News

Was It Good?

There is a school of thought in business that all publicity is good as long as they spell your name correctly. While most commonly subscribed to by strip club and porn shop operators, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is obviously a subscriber to that theory. The difference is one of integrity. People in the adult entertainment industry are at least honest about what they are doing – Donald Trump, well. Continue reading Was It Good?