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It Should Be Like ’76 But…

Election night is always exciting and special for a political junkie like me. This campaign should be like 1976 with any Democrat winning easily; it won’t be. In many years the networks are able to call the winner at 11pm EST when the five last states close their polls. This year I not only guarantee that won’t be the case; we won’t know the final numbers in the Senate and possibly control of that chamber. It will look much more like 2000. Let’s explore why. Continue reading It Should Be Like ’76 But…

Final Four?

I thought today would be a good opportunity to take one of my periodic looks at the 2020 Democratic presidential field. Let’s explore. Continue reading Final Four?

They Died And You Can’t Run

Today is Memorial Day in America; a day we set aside to honor our war dead. Hopefully all Americans will at least pause to think of them. The day has morphed into another holiday for picnics, ballgames and parties. We have a day honoring all veterans who have worn the uniform and served; today is for those who gave their lives to preserve the freedoms we have. I have never worn the uniform and certainly wasn’t called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice but I appreciate that many, in fact too many, did. That took courage and a sacrifice for a cause greater than themselves. What is disappointing me is that, to date at least, too many Democratic politicians appear unwilling to risk their political future to save America. Let’s explore. Continue reading They Died And You Can’t Run

If, Then And Onward

This entire article is based on speculation; speculation whose foundation is history. The result is not a good one for America. Let’s explore. Continue reading If, Then And Onward