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Was Roy Correct?

“I don’t want to know what the law is, I want to know who the judge is.” – The late Roy Cohn, lawyer to the late Wisconsin Republican Senator Joe McCarthy and Donald Trump. There were many candidates for biggest political story of the week just ended but today I’ll concentrate on the ones involving the courts and legal processes. As I do, please keep this quote in mind.

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Progressive Sweeping LX

There is certainly plenty of “clean up” work for me to do so I won‘t waste much space on an intro today.

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Why It Won’t Work; At Least Not In Time

Of late there has been much said about Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment as it may pertain to Donald Trump. I thought that today I would start with the text and then give my opinions about how it may or may not apply in this case especially considering the printing of the 2024 ballots. Continue reading Why It Won’t Work; At Least Not In Time

Progressive Sweeping XXXVI

This will be another of my periodic attempts to catch up and simultaneously vent. If history is any guide, both efforts will be incomplete.

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Now Solve The Core Problem

Unless the world ends or Donald Trump starts telling the truth, neither of which is likely to happen between now and publishing, the biggest American political story of the week just ended is the debt ceiling deal. (Not budget, President Biden. I fully support you but you used the incorrect terminology in Friday’s Oval Office address.)

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