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Now Solve The Core Problem

Unless the world ends or Donald Trump starts telling the truth, neither of which is likely to happen between now and publishing, the biggest American political story of the week just ended is the debt ceiling deal. (Not budget, President Biden. I fully support you but you used the incorrect terminology in Friday’s Oval Office address.)

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The Cagey Veteran

With pitchers and catchers scheduled to report to camp next week, like most baseball fans I’m going through withdrawal. Perhaps that will explain some of the images I’m trying to stir today. At 9:09 pm EST on Tuesday night President Joe Biden commenced his State of the Union address. It started with a few butterflies but ended up being the virtuoso performance not unlike that of an aging veteran starting pitcher throwing a gem in his last game, the seventh game of the World Series. A few hiccups aside, he ends up getting the 27th out and the crown.

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Time. It dictates so many things in life, very much including political life. As I thought about this article various songs about time ran through my head. I could not help but think back to a plethora of high school level practices where the clock prominently figured. I’ll commence the body of this piece with a paragraph on that. You were warned.

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Mission Destruction

It may be by a very narrow margin which I am not sure they can sustain for the entire 118th Congress, but currently the Republicans control one chamber of Congress and that is enough to gum up the works if they stick together. To date, and admittedly it’s early, they have shown signs of doing so except in “inside the family” disputes. The one big thing they are united on is making Joe Biden and the Democrats look bad at any cost.

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Danger: Tin Foil Hats And Flames

Several recent articles have been written outlining the zaniness of today’s GOP. (Sorry no links today.) Today I’d like to cover a few of the most outrageous and dangerous.

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