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Mission Destruction

It may be by a very narrow margin which I am not sure they can sustain for the entire 118th Congress, but currently the Republicans control one chamber of Congress and that is enough to gum up the works if they stick together. To date, and admittedly it’s early, they have shown signs of doing so except in “inside the family” disputes. The one big thing they are united on is making Joe Biden and the Democrats look bad at any cost.

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Danger: Tin Foil Hats And Flames

Several recent articles have been written outlining the zaniness of today’s GOP. (Sorry no links today.) Today I’d like to cover a few of the most outrageous and dangerous.

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Hopelessness And Cause For Hope

Like most recent weeks there were plenty of political fireworks in America last week. Today I’d like to focus on two events. Let’s explore. Continue reading Hopelessness And Cause For Hope

An Early Peak At The 2020 Senate Races

We are past Thanksgiving as I write this and past both Christmas and New Year’s as you read it. It’s the time for Senate retirement announcements along with declarations of candidacy for the presidency; both will impact the 2020 Senate elections. For the first business day of 2019 I’d like to offer a premature peak. Let’s explore. Continue reading An Early Peak At The 2020 Senate Races