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No Longer Uncontested

President Trump has never been a majority president with a mandate from the people. He lost the popular vote in 2016 by around three million votes. He has never had 50% or more of the American people behind him during his presidency. He has maintained power by remaining popular with Republican primary voters. Things have just started to change. Let’s explore. Continue reading No Longer Uncontested

A Long Held View Revisited

In the aftermath of Watergate President Gerald Ford issued a blanket pardon to his predecessor Richard Nixon for any crimes he may have committed as president of the United States. For decades I agreed with Ford’s action. My rational was that the nation had suffered enough and needed to move on. Today I am reversing my position. Let’s explore. Continue reading A Long Held View Revisited

Investigate And Legislate

A lot of attention is being paid – in my opinion somewhat prematurely – to what the House Democrats are going to do with their new found power in the 116th Congress come January 3rd. First off, we have to get there and that will be anything but a smooth journey. When we inevitably do I feel they will have to simultaneously navigate two separate highways. Let’s explore. Continue reading Investigate And Legislate

A Smaller, More Radical Caucus

On Thursday January 3, 2019 the new Congress takes their seats. The Republican House Caucus will find itself in the minority for the first time in eight years and more radical than ever. Some time ago the Tea Party faction rebranded itself as the Freedom Caucus. Call them what you may they are just as much a danger to America as ever and now they are even more powerful within the House Republican Caucus. Let’s explore. Continue reading A Smaller, More Radical Caucus