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Trump’s Next Career?

Someday Donald Trump’s presidency will come to an end one way or another. While I am among those who hope it happens in 2019 and thinks the most likely outcome is resignation I could be wrong. In any event it will end and unless that is the result of his death or incarceration he will need a next act. Today I’d like to propose one. Let’s explore. Continue reading Trump’s Next Career?

Lessons From A Loss

Many of the most valuable lessons I have learned in life were learned while coaching. Most of the time I learned more about my team and how to optimize their performance from a loss than from a victory. On the nights we won seemingly everything went right thereby masking the mistakes. In defeat all you seem to remember is what went wrong; your shortcomings are glaring. With that in mind let’s explore some of the lessons of the 2016 election. Continue reading Lessons From A Loss

The Somewhat Hidden Harm

Many are saying that the Trump administration and the Republican controlled 115th Congress aren’t getting anything done. That is not completely accurate. Distracted by Russiagate they are getting little done, but what is being accomplished is almost all bad for the average American. Today I’d like to look at one example that has largely flown under the radar. Continue reading The Somewhat Hidden Harm