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Don’t Let Breaking News Break You

The breaking news reports on Tuesday were that a car exploded in the vicinity of the Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls. I had two initial reactions, both of which turned out to be false, but I was smart enough not to share them because I wanted more information. Often, especially when dealing with breaking news, the smartest replies are “I don’t know” and “Insufficient data”.

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An American Gives Thanks 2023

Today is Thanksgiving in America. I hate doing fluff type articles but I thought the holiday provided me with a perfect opportunity to fulfill that obligation while sharing one of my (many would argue few) optimistic theories with my readers. Continue reading An American Gives Thanks 2023

Primary Money

Earlier this week the September fundraising numbers came out. I will admit I didn’t get very deep into them because their conclusion was so obvious. Joe Biden and Donald Trump are leading their parties by wide margins. Why wouldn’t they?

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A Not So Fine Mess

Timeline: Early Saturday morning

The House Republicans appear to be intent on proving they couldn’t run a two-vehicle parade and they are doing a great job of it to date!

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Progressive Sweeping LI

I have a lot of comments and observations stored up. How many of them can I get to today?

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