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The Foes, The Insurrectionists And The Misguided

It is rare that the Sunday article deals with more than one event. Today I’m citing three which I believe have one “common denominator” (albeit of greatly different degrees). That common denominator is acting poorly.

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A Little About A Lot Of Things

Current plans call for my next “live” blog to be on Sunday May 1st. I plan on taking the remainder of the month off for some travel and what should be an extremely minor operation. Before I “leave” I wanted to do another of my cleanup articles.

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A Ramblin’ Read

If you are looking for a smooth flowing op-ed, today you are in the wrong place. I want to make a lot of quick hits and observations. Here we go.

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Malarkey And The Unknown

There is a lot of downright laughable disinformation out there mainly being dispensed by Trump and his allies. I’ll cover a bit of that today. Also, as you attempt to evaluate where we stand in relation to 1/6 and the Trump administration keep in mind that there is a huge gap between what is publicly reported (in other words we know) and what is known.

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