Today’s posting is not my usual Sunday article. It is only marginally political (although I still shamelessly used the tag). It is not even American, although the principle certainly applies here. Today’s will be a relatively brief posting but I hope the message is communicated..

I’m not much of a follower of the royals. Like most Americans – although we tend not to admit it – when I say or think “royals” I mean the royal family in the UK. In January Catherine, Princess of Wales (and yes, I had to look that up) commonly called Princess Kate underwent abdominal surgery. In the course of that unfortunately cancer was discovered. In, I’m assuming, the interest of privacy the facts were concealed from the public until late last week. I think that was an, albeit understandable, mistake!

I can understand the desire for privacy. However, when you become a public figure that is a sacrifice you make. I’m old enough to remember that if you mentioned the word “cancer” at the dinner table it would be followed by a slap. Thankfully we have evolved beyond that point!

Cancer is one of a plethora of causes that needs the funding that attention brings. Public figures, almost by definition, receive tons of attention. Two recent examples come to mind in American politics. Both Republican Representative Steve Scalise of Louisiana and Democratic Representative Jamie Raskin of Maryland have been diagnosed with cancer. Both went public almost immediately.

Until Friday the royal family had squandered an opportunity to bring attention to a dreadful disease that is killing million worldwide. I wish the Princess, along with both Representatives, complete recoveries! I hope the new UK attention will loosen some checkbooks and that will be the currency that does the trick.

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