Sunday Morning Papers

It has yet to hit 9 am EST on Sunday morning as I commence writing this piece. I have just read the morning newspapers (in my case the New York Times and the Washington Post online.) Despite writing this column, which I do of choice not economic necessity, I consider myself completely retired. Sunday is no longer a unique day of leisure to me but I realize it is for the majority of American adults. Let’s see what the experience brought.

The stories that dominate the papers are a horse won a horse race, the UK crowned a king and there was a mass shooting in Texas. Those were by far the top three.

While the Kentucky Derby is big-time and on most Americans’ bucket lists (in truth I wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to attend) a horse winning a horse race is hardly unexpected. What did you expect? A giraffe?

I’m an old man and this was the first coronation of a King of England in my lifetime – only the second coronation of an English royal head of state – we have to admit it was pomp and circumstance, not unexpected news.

A mass shooting especially in a state that is trying to make any gun regulations akin to spats is also hardly a surprise.

Next year another horse will win the Kentucky Derby and that is probably a good thing.

Someday, and possibly still in my lifetime, England will crown another royal, most likely a king. (The institute of the monarchy still has an approval level of 58% in the UK.) That is also most likely good.

Based on the more than one a day current rate of mass shootings in America, there is a good chance that there will be another mass shooting in America before this article is published in 16 hours. That is a largely unaddressed and certainly inadequately addressed tragedy!

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