Succinct And Scary

Brevity is not one of my strong suits but it is my plan today.

I find it terrifying that at this late stage with less than month to Election Day Hershel Walker is still a very viable candidate for the United States Senate! What can the voters be thinking? Better yet, are they thinking?

Walker is so bad of a candidate that it actually makes you look back fondly (only in relative terms) to the candidacies of Todd Akin and Christine O’Donnell. He continues to be caught in various lies, has proven to be a hypocrite and most of all shows absolutely nothing that would make him appear qualified for a seat in the upper chamber. All that said there is a chance that he can win on November 8th and if not a chance that he can force a runoff.

His opponent is Raphael Warnock who is arguable the best orator in the current Senate and indisputably an intellect. I simply ask the voters of Georgia to envision themselves as hiring manages when the vote this year. One applicant is clearly above the other. In fact, Walker doesn’t warrant getting the call for the first interview. His resume alone is lacking.

Hopefully some day we will look back on this race like we do those of Akin and O’Donnell. Until and unless that happens this situation is simultaneously succinct and scary.

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