Substance Then Some Snark

I’m in a wise guy mood today; but first a serious matter.

A “Key” Development

Earlier this week I wrote about the need to break Russia’s naval blockade of Ukraine. I outlined how Turkey was the key to that. There was another way I purposely didn’t cover because I knew it was in process and didn’t want to jinx it.

President Biden announced that he was authorizing long range missiles to be sent to Ukraine with the understanding that they were not to be targeted at Russian sovereign territory. I believe most of us understood that to mean that Ukraine could not attack civilian targets on Russian soil. (Attacks on military targets just inside Russia have already taken place and are both legitimate and necessary.)

I am not a military expert but I don’t see why a land-to-land missiles couldn’t be deployed against a target on water. These missiles could be launched from Ukraine at Russian ships in the Black Sea. That eliminates the going through Turkish airspace problem and takes Turkey out of an equation they probably don’t want to be in. To a degree it also gives the United States deniability in that we can say the Ukrainians used them for other than the purpose(s) we expected them to.

High Gasoline Prices

Many Americans are complaining about the high gas prices at the pump. This is just another example of everything being relative. Monday was Memorial Day in America and prices at the pump started with a “4”. Historically high by American standards. On that same day in Germany the average price per gallon was $8.95. The next day the EU announced further plans to wean itself off of Russian gasoline which will only cause those prices to go higher.

How about stopping the complaining and showing some American exceptionalism in defense of democracy? At the same time be happy for how good you have it,

Something Really Scary!

On Friday May 27th the New York Times ran an op-ed by Michelle Goldberg entitled, America May Be Broken Beyond Repair. I read most of what Goldberg writes. I respect her thoughts, knowledge and intelligence although – like everyone else – I don’t always agree with her. I also admit to some “positive prejudice” in that we are both Western New York natives (she grew up in a better suburb than I did) and share an alma mater.

Here is the bottom line: the fact that a legitimate publication like the New York Times put such a dark headline on her piece is something that should make every patriotic American stop in their tracks!

How Foolish We Will Look To Future Generations

Assuming we make it several generations down the line – and with the poor job we are doing being stewards of the planet that gets increasingly less likely – I have to wonder what future generations will make of how we polluted the planet. The technology to largely, but not completely, transition to clean and renewable energy increases daily yet we refuse to do it for a variety of reasons mostly rooted in greed and/or sloth (a/k/a laziness). Will future generation regard our actions similarly to the way we look at the horse manure that once littered the streets of our cities?

Innocence And Victimhood

I’m far from an expert on Shakespeare, in fact I’m not a big fan of his work. That said I do remember a line about someone protesting a bit too much and that reminds me of the MAGA faction of the GOP. They go around protesting that they are innocent and are being persecuted by some mysterious left wing cabal they like to call the Deep State.

Seemingly every day bring a new revelation of just how they were the ones cheating and hurling false accusations. Georgia is slowly closing in on Donald Trump and simultaneously the whole Durham “investigation” is revealing itself to be a tax payer funded witch hunt enabled by Trump and then-Attorney General Bill Barr.

Do these people have any mirrors in their houses or are they just dishonest with us?

Have a good day and “see” you on Sunday.

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  1. I’m baffled by this fear of Russian escalation. As long as we are afraid of Putin, he will continue to take advantage of our fear. Let the Ukrainians bomb the hell out of Russians, wherever they are! Putin has more to lose than the rest of us by going nuclear. Geez, can we show some spine!

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