Still Want To Tell Me This Doesn’t Look Like 1930’s Europe?

I have often drawn comparisons of the rise of fascism and authoritarian leaders in 1930’s Europe with Trump’s America. I’m certain my critics and perhaps even some of my proponents thought I was engaging in a bit of hyperbole. I have been deadly serious the entire time. Recent events underscore my theory. Let’s explore.

One of the common traits of the authoritarians was their self-enrichment at the expense of the people. In order to pull those scams off they also took care of their inner circle which was equally corrupt (and often equally incompetent). Last week Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin (a prime example of both traits) attempted to make the case for simply forgiving many of the stimulus loans without even an audit or revealing who they went to. We know several went to businesses controlled by sitting GOP members of Congress. I’m just guessing but I bet some of the recipients are businesses controlled by the Trump family and other members of his inner circle of sycophants. If a police officer stops you while driving your car and asks you for permission to search it and you reply “Sure, just don’t check the glovebox” the officer knows where the contraband is hidden.

A few weeks ago I heard a conservative Republican international relations and history authority who I respect the opinions of speak. He was asked if the Trump regime was fascist. He replied that it lacked the personal paramilitary squad. With the events of The Battle of Lafayette Park and the current illegal Trump sanctioned paramilitary activity in Portland, Oregon that bridge has been crossed. Trump has apparently assembled his paramilitary force. They wear absolutely no identification, use unmarked vehicles and will not say who they represent. They deploy on his orders or those of one of his inner circle sycophants (i.e. Bill Barr). To add to their danger they resemble a right wing militia which I would not put past Trump using to reinforce them in the future.

I have a message for the people in these units: you are traitors to America. I know jobs are tough to come by in the Trump Depression but you are selling out your country for a figurative 30 pieces of silver and are nothing more than modern day Judases.

I don’t think this extrapolation is extreme. I can imagine scenes like this playing out on Election Day in selected battleground state precincts allegedly to protect the sanctity of the vote and the safety of the voters; all the while it will be blatant voter suppression. Remembering Pinellas County, Florida in 2000 just how much of a stretch is this?

The Trump campaign is already showing its true colors (and they aren’t red, white and blue – well at least not the shade of blue on the American flag). Depending on which story you believe Brad Parscale was recently replaced and/or supplemented at the top of the organization by Bill Stepien. If you don’t believe Parscale in his role with the 2016 campaign was up to his eyeballs in involvement in Russian collusion (a/k/a Russiagate) you really need to go feed those unicorns on your front lawn. If Stepien’s name is familiar it is probably because of his involvement with Chris Christie in Bridgegate. My thumbnail definition of Christie is: Rudy Giuliani with good hair. By the way Rudy is still hanging around and is sure to resurface before the election.

Speaking of those in the wings; one of the theories of why Trump kept Roger Stone out of prison is because he needed him to communicate with the “Bears” (a/k/a Russian intelligence) for the 2020 campaign.

Equally, if not more, importantly to soundly defeating Trump in 2020 is taking back the Senate. Every GOP Senator up for reelection in 2020 voted innocent in the Trump impeachment trial. They are complicit enablers of evil. Trump has acted like a man unconstrained after the verdict and who with a rational mind expected anything else?

Assuming the 2020 election is free and fair (which at this point is a rather bold assumption) if the Republicans maintain control of the Senate and Donald Trump remains in office it may very well be America’s last.

Yes, America is looking a lot like 1930’s Europe. I’m not exaggerating and if you remember that “experiment” did not end well for Europe.

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