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Progressive and anti-Trump activity is paying dividends. It has definitely mitigated and limited the damage that President Trump, his team and the Republicans would like to inflict on America. It entails a combination of hard work, inconvenience and sacrifice. The job is far from done and we need to keep up the good work. Let’s explore.

Trump’s recent “victory” in the House with the narrow passage of Trumpcare is a prime example. The reality is that this was at least the third attempt to get the Republicans to agree on a bill and it passed by the thinnest of margins. Its fate was in doubt until late in the actual voting. The chances of this becoming law and actually changing anything are considerably less than good.

Obamacare would have been repealed by now if people hadn’t taken to the streets, Representatives’ offices and town hall meetings. It was the attention that made elected official skittish.

For years I have been saying that American politicians (regardless of Party or philosophy) only care about two things: money and votes. These activists certainly represent votes and it got the elected officials’ attention.

Trump tried at least two versions of his Muslim Ban. They were stopped by the courts, but that would have never happened if it hadn’t been for the public outcry.

It is easy to stay complacent and let the other guy take care of things. The problem is: What if the other guy is thinking the same thing? Then nobody is bringing attention to the problem; one of evil’s greatest friends in darkness.

The Trump family is using his office for their personal enrichment. As the media brings attention to individual transgressions they cease. The American media with the largest audience is for-profit. Those stories will only run as long as they attract viewers, listeners, readers and clicks.

Except for this blog, I’m not a social media person (at this point anyway). To some degree, most Americans are. Spread the word about events that keep the Trump regime in check.

Most Americans, including me, are far from wealthy. Yet almost all of us can financially aid causes that we believe in and are under attack by Trump and company. The New York Times has record subscriptions. They along with several other publications, (most notably the Washington Post), have done some great investigative reporting. Organizations like your local NPR station and Planned Parenthood are in jeopardy and the surest way to keep them in business is if enough of us all do our little bit.

Another reason many Americans sit on the sideline is because they feel they are not the target of the current threat. You may be and not realize it. (Take a good look at what Trumpcare can develop into.) You may not be the current target but your loved ones may be. Trumpcare may not affect you, (or so you think), but what about your parents?

Looking at the rise of past fascist regimes, they used a divide and conquer strategy. The initial target may have been a particular religious group. When they were controlled or eliminated another group was next until the entire population was “beaten” into submission. You may not be the target today, but you eventually will be and then you will be alone.

The Tea Party had this annoying and inaccurate habit of calling each other patriots. Nothing could have been further from the truth. The rank and file of the Tea Party was unwittingly destroying America. Look at recent history; their “greatest achievements” were a government shutdown and reducing the Republican Party to a dysfunctional mess that ended up nominating and electing Donald Trump.

If you love America and care about its future continue to stay active within your capabilities and relative comfort zone. That’s my definition of a modern day American patriot!

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