Star Of The Circus

I consider any college coach who would abet by inaction the sexual molestation of his player(s) a sub-human lifeform. Having had the privilege of coaching at that level for seven seasons I find it particularly offensive! Enter Republican Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio.

One of Jordan’s current roles is Chair of the House Judiciary Committee. In that role he took his committee on the road Monday to meet in New York City in an attempt to present a shiny object distraction from Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s recent indictment of Donald Trump. This circus event with Jordan as its star may play well with the MAGA base but not with those of us above the lowest common denominator.

The diversion was shining a spotlight on the crime in New York City. That alone is fraught with problems unless, like Trump and Jordan, your target audience is the less well educated. Bragg is the Manhattan District Attorney. His purview is Manhattan which is only one of five boroughs of New York City. The murder rate in New York City is 5.2 per 100,000. Manhattan’s is 1.3.

One proof that this was all a political sideshow aimed at helping Trump is that Chicago has long been the example the right wing has used as a lawless place with profuse murders. But Trump wasn’t indicted in Chicago.

In reality, (a place most MAGA people only accidentally visit reality if they mess up with the TV remote), New York City is one of the safest big cities in the world.

Ohio is Jordan’s home state. Like most states it doesn’t have a city as populous as New York City but there are a number of large cities in the Buckeye state and here are the murder rates (all 2022 and per 100,000) in four of them. Columbus (home of Jordan’s alma mater and the school he coached at) 15.4, Toledo 23.8, Cincinnati 24.9 and Cleveland 45.7. Again New York City is at 5.2.

Let’s look at Jordan’s own heavily gerrymandered congressional distinct. It’s largest city at a bit over 47,000 is Mansfield, Ohio. Mansfield’s nickname is Danger City. It earned that moniker because it has the highest overall crime rate of any city in America. Mansfield’s overall crime rate is approximately 100% higher than Ohio’s. Oh, and especially for the racists who might have stumbled across my column today, Mansfield, Ohio is over 70% white.

The hearing was a circus and in reality Jordan could have stayed home if he was serious about crime (which he emphatically is not!). Jordan is just a bomb thrower joke. The last time a bill he authored was enacted into law George W. Bush was President of the United States (2006).

The House Judiciary Committee has some oversight responsibility over the Supreme Court. Do you think Jordan will be holding any hearings into Clarence Thomas’ activities anytime soon?

The House Judiciary Committee has no oversight responsibility of the Manhattan District Attorney’s office.

If prudence dictates that you not entrust your student-athlete to him; why would you entrust your country to him? Star of the show or not, my answer is an emphatic NO!

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