Speculations Based On Recent Observations

The fair and accurate answer to the question: How often do you write? is most waking hours. Obviously that is not literally true but it seems I am almost constantly thinking about what I will write either in this column or for the novel I am currently working on. As such I make a lot of notes. Often I don’t have enough to say about a particular note to build an entire article around it and it just doesn’t fit in as part of another article. Today I want to clear out a few recent notes.

One phrase that particularly annoyed me during the Republican defense of Ukrainegate was referring to the 55 day period where aid was illegally withheld as a, “Pause”. If Trump and his sycophants observed a 55 day pause on lying and obstruction we would have President Nancy Pelosi.

Michael Bloomberg may not be the 2020 Democratic nominee but if he keeps his word his money will determine the eventual winner. Bloomberg is on pace to spend well in access of $1 billion on the 2020 campaign. If he wins and spends it on himself it is difficult to see him losing. If he spends it on issue oriented ads and other efforts to aid a Democratic nominee (which can easily be done legally) that will go a long way to defeating Trump. As much as I see money in American politics as its biggest problem it may well be one of the few ways to win in 2020 and begin on the road to limiting the influence of money in politics in the future. Sometimes at first glance the optimal path to achieve a goal is counter intuitive.

If Trump should get reelected – and that is a definite possibility; much more likely than his initial election in 2016 was – it may well let him achieve his lifelong goal of becoming a billionaire. (If you believe he was a billionaire prior to his election you haven’t been paying adequate attention to publically available information.) He is making money off the presidency often in clearly illegal ways during the first term. Congress has to date refused to hold him accountable and he has now corrupted the Justice Department or at least the top tier of officials there. Several decades, no morals and a $400 million head start from daddy; you have to ask yourself is becoming a billionaire after all that the mark of a business genius?

I view Mitch McConnell as an evil Master of the Senate. He is neither a good man nor stupid. With that in mind I thought I’d speculate on what his decision process may have been during the recent impeachment “trial”. Mitch knew there were never going to be 67 votes to remove Trump even with witnesses unless he made the call. However, he wants to preserve his seat and his majority in November. While public opinion favored witnesses by a wide margin (Democrats don’t forget part of the support for witnesses was from right wingers who wanted to hear from Hunter and Joe Biden) sans witnesses it will be a lot easier for vulnerable Senate Republicans to justify their not guilty votes. Mitch could only lose if witnesses were called plus the more time went on the more damning information was coming out via FOIA requests and other sources.

Mitch also had to feel that this was not the optimal time to “kill” the other Don. Their turf sharing deal is obviously working out well enough for Mitch and there is a decent chance that Trump can win reelection in 2020 assuring another four years of money (which they mutually desire) along with the advancement of a right wing agenda (which Mitch cares about, Trump has no policy agenda). When he deems the time to be right Mitch will turn on Trump. McConnell plans on being around Washington long after Trump is gone be that ’21 or ’25. Remember Mitch is much more powerful than Trump!

That cleared out a few notes and gives you a few things to ponder until tomorrow.

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