Spanky Got Spanked

In basketball when we got beaten badly we often said, “We got spanked!” By that standard President Trump got spanked in Singapore. Let’s explore.

The very fact that the meeting commenced was a tremendous victory for Kim Jung-un. The juxtaposition of the North Korean and American flags as a backdrop for Kim and Trump shaking hands achieved visual parity of the nations and acceptance of North Korea as a world and nuclear power. To put it in basketball terms Trump was down early in the first half and never recovered.

In a surprise move Trump agreed to end the war games South Korea and the United States periodically hold in the region. Trump, (a man of great military experience – he went to a military reform school for bratty rich kids prior to becoming Cadet Bone Spurs), says they were a waste of money anyway. Interestingly it appears that both the Pentagon and the South Koreans were caught by surprise by this concession.

What Trump received in return becomes a valid question. The answer is found in the joint statement Kim and Trump released at the end of the session. Most of it is happy talk. The one section of “substance” reads: “Reaffirming the April 27, 2018 Panmunjom Declaration, the DPRK commits to work toward complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.”

The definition of “complete denuclearization” means different things to different people and is anything but a term certain. To Trump and his minions it means that North Korea gets rid of its nuclear weapons and doesn’t produce any new ones. To North Korea it probably includes removing the American nuclear shield from South Korea and Japan. In fact, it could include complete American nuclear disarmament.

On a practical note consider the date of the Panmunjom Declaration. Would any reasonable person say North Korea lived up to that agreement (or previous others like it)? Kim and Trump are two of the world’s most famous and prolific liars. What would make a prudent man believe Kim? (That refers to a legal principle so it is unrealistic to expect Trump to be knowledgeable of it or adhere to it.)

The winners in this agreement are North Korea, China and Russia. The North Koreans received recognition and a concession giving up nothing in exchange. China wins when it weakens the South Korean and American military presences in their backyard while still preserving North Korea as a buffer zone. Russia wins when it further weakens America’s military and diplomatic influence in the world thereby enhancing its own.

The losers are South Korea, Japan and the United States. South Korea and Japan are less safe than they were when the week began. The United States looks like a fool that has gotten spanked because its President did! And this time he didn’t even drop his pants for a porn star.

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