Sorry This Time Liz

Massachusetts Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren is one of my favorite senators. She often expresses my true desires better than almost anyone in elected office. Feasibility, at least at the moment, is often another matter. Today is one of those cases.

Warren has suggested that Congress can solve the abortion controversy by simply codifying a woman’s right to choose in federal law. Unfortunately, I do not think that is doable at this moment and even if it were to pass, I see the current Court quickly declaring it an overreach by the legislative branch and therefore unconstitutional.

A vote on the already passed House version of this legislation is scheduled for later this week in the Senate. It will inevitably be filibustered by one or more Republicans which means it will require 60 votes and they simply are not there. The only possibly available workaround is a carve out in the filibuster rule to allow it to pass with a simple majority; most likely in a 50-50 vote broken by Vice President Harris. I’m not sure the votes are there for that, in fact I doubt it. A scrapping of the filibuster – the other workaround – is not even a remote possibility.

Looking down the road I see a much more likely federal statute regarding abortion and it’s nothing Senator Warren or I would support. In a future where the Republicans control both chambers of Congress and the White House I can see a complete and total ban on abortion that will look like a Margret Atwood work of fiction. The current Court will uphold it in a heartbeat; in fact, they probably won’t even bother hearing the case.

As you can see so much of this hinges on the Court. Theoretically we have three co-equal branches of government. In reality the Court has morphed into a superior branch. My solution is to expand the Court which is clearly legal under the Constitution. Good luck getting that done anytime soon!

Totally banning abortion is very unpopular with the voters. Depending on just how the question is asked often by about a margin of 2:1. Why then do the Republicans keep doing what they are doing you ask. The answers are it is great for fundraising and keeping deep pocketed and/or frequent donors happy is important and it keeps a largely lower common denominator and easily influenced portion of their electorate loyal and motivated.

Eliminating legal abortion will not solve the root problem which is unwanted pregnancies. In fact, abortions for poor women will largely go underground and result in unnecessary fatalities. Wealthier women will continue to get legal abortions; this will just make them more expensive and inconvenient sparking an abortion travel industry. The real solution is for all sides to work together to get the demand for abortions as close to zero as possible. I see the opposite happening if Republicans retain any semblance of control. Contraception will be one of the next targets.

Republicans talk about freedom like they cherished it. What is more of a freedom than deciding what to do with your body and future?
Republicans are the enemies of democracy. In fact, their furthest right wing describes it as, “Mob rule”. Representative democracy functions when elected representatives vote to reflect the desires of their constituents. Show me the majority of Americans who favor banning abortion in the case of rape, incest or sacrificing the life of the mother; yet Republicans consistently legislate that way.

I hate to make it that simple but with very few exceptions this has become a party line issue.

You ask: What can I do? The answer is simply vote for pro-choice Democrats and by all means get out and vote.

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  1. Vote for pro choice candidates, and, if you’re a woman, organize with others a sex strike.

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