Song And Situation

Because of the situations of the past few days one song is stuck in my head. I like the song; the situations frighten me. The song is Molly Hatchet’s 1979 hit, Flirtin’ with Disaster. While the tune is upbeat; my mood is anything but!

I guess it started on Sunday when the far right wing had success in the first rounds of the French elections. This party’s heritage has a direct link to the Nazis and fascism. Recently it has been bankrolled by none other than Vladimir Putin. It seems the real motivation of its supporters at the polls are xenophobia and racism. Fortunately, this particular “war” is not over. In their system the French have a final round scheduled for July 7th.

On Monday the Supreme Court announced its decision in Trump v United States. Basically, it said that Trump (since he is favored by The Six) is above the law. They are so corrupt that they left enough discretion room that any president they didn’t favor (i.e. Joe Biden) would not have the same immunity. This reminds me way too much of Richard Nixon’s (then) misconception of the law when he said, “…when the president does it, that means that it is not illegal.” The Six have made his fantasy into reality– at least for a president they like anyway.

This goes well beyond conservative. These people only hide behind the word “conservative”. America needs a center-right party. The Republican party used to be that; while many of its base still are its leadership is not! Conservative are not by definition criminals. When you suppress evidence of a crime and grant immunity in contradiction to basic American law and democratic principles you have crossed a very wide line from conservative to criminal.

Under the ruling in Trump and with an accommodating Court the selling of a pardon(s) is legal. The assignation of a political rival(s) is legal. The acceptance of a bribe is legal. Need I go on? All you need is a complicit Supreme Court majority which the extreme right now has.

I have long told my readers to view the Trump organization (business or political) as an organized criminal enterprise. What mobster wouldn’t like this immunity? This is better than a get out of jail free card. It is a never even get indicted in the first place card.

Greece is considered the birthplace of democracy. Most scholars consider both America and France to be the modern birthplaces of democracy. Democracy in both is in peril!

Assuming you are among the majority of my readers who are American citizens over 18, you are all that is standing between here and the end of America as we know it. Vote for people who will uphold the rule of law not dismantle it on the highest bench by overturning basic tenants of American democracy.

The song is great; the situation, not so much! We are very much fliting with Disaster!

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