Something(s) For Everyone To Hate

No matter where you are on the political spectrum there was something(s) to hate in the four pillars immigration plan President Trump unveiled Tuesday night in his State of the Union Address. The plan was so bad that I felt it warranted a separate article. In a speech full of lies, exploitations and dangerous ideas this was far and away the worst. Let’s explore.

Pillar One is a 12 year path to citizenship for those eligible for DACA whether they had registered or not.

Pillar Two is fully securing the southern border including building “the wall”.

Pillar Three ends the visa lottery program.

Pillar Four ends what Trump and the right wing are calling chain migration supposedly in an effort to protect the nuclear family.

I’ll take them one pillar at a time.

Pillar One: The right finds any path to citizenship unacceptable. That is why publications like Breitbart have taken to calling Trump “Amnesty Don”. As I have often stated the most difficult part about immigration reform is exactly where to draw the lines. 12 years seems like an awful long time especially if it first starts at 18 or high school graduation. Those are details that would have to be worked out in the legislative process and understandably were not detailed in the address.

Pillar Two: Trump and the hard right want “the wall”, period. I think there is certainly room for some compromise here but building a physical wall along the entire southern border with Mexico is ineffective, environmentally harmful and simply a huge waste of money. The hard right will stand firm on a physical wall even though in their heart of heart they know Mexico is never going to pay for it. Anyone who evaluates the idea sensibly knows “the wall’ is a colossal waste of money. The latest figure Trump reportedly is asking for is $25 billion. With that much money in play there is ample opportunity to “appropriate” millions of dollars. Never forget that the current administration is an organized criminal enterprise whose sole purpose is to line its and a few of its closest associates’ pockets.

Pillar Three: The progressives will never agree to end the visa lottery and the right wing misunderstands it. (Probably because they believe the misinformation fed to them by Trump, what effectively is his cable TV network and his enablers.) A prospective immigrant has to qualify to get into the lottery in the first place. It is not a simple as just telling your country that you want to go to America. You have to qualify, pass screening and then be fortunate enough to be selected. Trump’s racist base (his number one political concern) is opposed to the lottery system because it is colorblind. To Trump and them the real reason to eliminate the visa lottery program is to make America whiter. Trump revealed his true motivation during the whole shithole/Norway event.

Pillar Four: Protecting what Trump termed the nuclear family by ending “chain migration”. Trump flat out lied in his speech when he said that a green card holder could sponsor a virtually unlimited number of relatives to join him. That is flat out false. Under Trump’s proposal you could only sponsor your spouse and minor children. What about grandchildren? What about parents? What about adult children? This is from a guy who apparently obstructed justice to write an “excuse note” for his 39 year-old son, has used government websites to promote his 36 year-old daughter’s business interests, and has the government pay for his 37 year-old son-in-law’s foreign finance seeking trips.

Trump did all this while attempting to create the mental image that all immigrants of color where MS13 gang members and law breakers. I guess that is progress from his announcement speech where he basically called all Mexicans murderers and rapists.

For someone who claims to be a great deal maker he put forth a terrible proposal. I was party to tens of thousands of deal from both the buying and selling side during my business career. I would have been embarrassed to present a proposal this flawed and on the other end I would have thrown the seller out for wasting my time. This isn’t even a starting point.

Oh, and by the way, the government is slated to shut down Thursday at midnight without a CR, (forget about a budget). In the minds of many that CR was dependent on the DACA situation being resolved. I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so – and I wasn’t alone in that.

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  1. Our descent into fascism reminds me of the lesson we learn from the experiment with the frog and the pot of water. Heat the water slowly and no one notices till it’s too late.

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