Something To Watch Between Ballgames And Legal Maneuvers

Bored by the Trump and Trump related legal happenings? Frustrated at scoreboard watching in the final weeks of the baseball season? Well, I have a diversion you for the rest of this month. Today the House returns from one of its many holiday vacations and the federal government’s budget runs out at the end of the month. This is definitely worth keeping an eye on!

The Senate returned last week and began working on legislation to keep the lights on. You would have thought the House (where such legislation is meant to commence) would have squared that away before it broke for a long Labor Day vacation but a combination of far right wing radicals in the House Republican caucus and the “leadership” of Speaker Kevin McCarthy prevented that from happening.

The radicals (out of respect for the political philosophy and in the interest of accuracy, I refuse to call them conservatives!) want to attach several provisions to any budgetary legislation including a continuing resolution. Some are financial in nature, which at first glance appear to belong in this discussion (but not in a short-term CR); my issue is with the several that have absolutely nothing to do with the budget or spending. They also want to impeach Joe Biden and protect Donald Trump from legal liability.

The impasse and lack of leadership displayed by McCarthy has led the Senate – where Republicans, albeit in the minority, have a lot of influence – to begin work on something that hopefully can be adopted near the eleventh hour and pass the House with a lot of help from House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries and the Democrats.

With the amount of political news that I consume it is impossible for me to ignore the Trump legal shenanigans. (I don’t know if they scare or amuse me more.) While I don’t watch that many baseball games, I am constantly monitoring the “scoreboard” near the end of game times. As we approach the end of the month, I trust the news media will give me a lot more coverage of a looming (and extremely avoidable!) government shutdown.

Oh, and in the interest of full disclosure; Go Rays!!!!!!

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