Some Thoughts On Choice

A woman’s right to choose – and I do firmly believe it is her right! – is debated widely in America and, if properly utilized by Democratic candidates, will be a huge factor in 2024. I’d like to give you just a few of my thoughts on the topic today.

The global economy is dynamic and situations change. There has long been a Canadian pharmaceutical trade with Americans crossing the border for less expensive drugs. (That’s an issue for another day and another article.) Spurred by recent Supreme Court decisions in both the United States and Mexico, Mexico has suddenly become an abortion destination for Americans. Generally speaking, Mexico’s medical standards are not of America’s high quality but many procedures that are recently illegal in much of America are legal in most of northern Mexico. American women in vast areas of America find it easier and often less expensive to travel to Mexico than the few remaining American states where they can legally and safely obtain the medical care they desire. The (almost exclusively) Republican lawmakers who put their lives in relative danger really don’t care.

I don’t have any numbers but this “abortion tourism” has to have a positive effect on the Mexican economy and a negative one on America’s. That argument might make Republicans pause for a bit; a moral argument would fall on deaf ears in that currently amoral party. The “solution” in some red states is that they are trying to control what their residents do medically when they are out of state. This is ridiculous! Let’s say your state’s top speed limit is X miles per hour; does that mean you cannot drive at X+ miles per hour when in a state where that is the speed limit?

They are also trying to make any aid or advise about health care options out of state illegal. Yet an organization that organizes Las Vegas gambling junkets is perfectly legal even though gambling is illegal in that state.

I’ll leave you with this one. Alabama Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville is blockading the American military over their medical (including reproductive care) reimbursement policy. So, by poor Tommy’s “logic” it is perfectly fine to have a female officer command thousands of troops in life-or-death situations but not to have that same female officer make a decision regarding her own body.

In recent presidential elections Democrats have won the women’s vote with the exception of a narrow loss in the sub-demographic of white women. This issue can turn that around and with it win many, many races. This is an issue that will motivate women to vote and volunteer. By my personal experience, women are great volunteers! Every Democratic candidate should use the line, “Remember Baby Milo” at or near the close of every speech they make.

Remember the old saw, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” It is an adaptation of a line written by William Cosgrove in 1697 but it is still true today. Oh, and thanks in advance ladies!

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