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I didn’t take a nap on Saturday and certainly not an all day one. I am deferring comment on Charlottesville until tomorrow’s article. Today I’d like to play catchup again. One article will be inadequate to cover all the recent happenings with Trump in the White House (or whatever Trump branded property he is operating out of today). Let’s explore.

I’ll begin with a thought: Has there been any provision for security as the White House is renovated? A major remodel sounds like a great opportunity to plant bugs to me. Of course with Trump’s ego in the Oval Office that might be unnecessary; he has a need to prove that he is a big man by revealing secrets to Russian officials anyway. I guess he saves them the cost of spying. Is that a return for their reducing our payroll (not accurate by the way) by expelling Americans from Russia?

As the Mueller investigation progresses my (and several other people’s) theory that Trump and company have long been involved in international money laundering and the accompanying tax evasion gains more credibility every day. That is another reason Trump is so adamant about not releasing his tax returns. Trump will be revealed in the long run. He was playing in a league way over his head but his ego wouldn’t allow him to see that.

I remember going to “social functions” years ago that included card playing. I’d have $100 or $200 in my pocket and am far from a skilled poker player. The guys at the table all walked in with thousands in their pockets and played high stakes (to me anyway) poker several days a week. Of course I’d be invited to take a seat. I was wise enough not to; I may as well have just thrown my money on the table as a donation. My ego allows for the recognition of limitations; Trump’s doesn’t. He and his will end up the marks with the con artists going scot free.

Trump’s unpatriotic and inaccurate slogan “Make America great again” has irked me from the beginning. America is great: Trump isn’t!

Am I the only one who sees hypocrisy and irony with self-proclaimed pro-life people who are for capital punishment but against health care?

With Trump hinting at a military intervention in Venezuela I find it interesting that a few months back Rachel Maddow described Trump’s America as looking like, “A fascinating new suburb of Venezuela.” To any Venezuelan readers I may have, don’t worry this is just another of Trump’s seemingly incalculable insane statements that has no backing from either America’s Congress or the American people.

A frightening fact in our soundbite society is that what passes for common sense is often the manifestation of the inability to do critical thinking. Learning to repeat a cliché is not critical thinking!

Trump appeared with Republican Senators Tom Cotton of Arkansas and David Perdue of Georgia to throw his support behind their immigration bill. Then he sent former Jeff Sessions staffer Stephen Miller out to defend it to the press. One of the keys to the bill is that prospective immigrants would have to be able to speak English and eligibility would be determined via a points system. The dog whistles to Trump’s base supporters are louder than air raid sirens! Aside from speaking English (if you disregard grammar) most Trump supporters wouldn’t qualify for admission under this destined to fail plan (in fact I doubt it will see the Senate floor).

At this point there is no doubt in any functioning open mind that Russia attempted to interfere with our 2016 election. One of the things that kept the damage to a minimum was the fact that we have a decentralized voter registration system. If Kris Kobach and Trump’s other voter suppression specialists have their way they will have possession and control of a national voter registration database. If a foreign power got ahold or were given such a database can you imagine how much more effective their hack could be?

As scary as most of this news is what terrifies me is what we are not hearing as we pay attention to the distractions. Think about that until tomorrow.

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  1. I took a break from the news on Sunday to watch a movie. Ironic to today’s article, the movie I watched was “The Sting”.

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