Some Random Thoughts And Things That Confuse Me

When you write political op-eds you generally try to be rather timely. Nobody likes to read last month’s news. There are also those little tidbits that get stuck in your mind but don’t constitute enough material to build a full article around without getting excessively wordy and boring. Well the stars aligned for me and therefore today’s article is a collection of snippets that have been on my mind for a while. Let’s explore.  

Conservative and crazy are not synonymous yet the crazies have coopted the term conservative to give themselves the appearance of legitimacy and seriousness. Hopefully one result of the current Republican civil war is that the conservatives will win. Not my war; but it is my country.

Has anyone thought of doing a remake of the 1990 movie The Grifters starring Donald Trump?

The best description of the 2016 election I have heard to date came from the President and Dean of the Brooklyn Law School, Nick Allard: “Electile dysfunction.”

If you accept the premise that all things are relative then Donald Trump makes George W. Bush look almost smart.

I love clever plays on words and would like to share one with you. In his book (which I recommend reading) The Plot to Hack America, Malcolm Nance titled a chapter The Cyberian Candidate. He was referring to Trump.

Am I the only one who feels that the very same people who rant about Sharia law taking hold in America (which it is not) would embrace Biblical law and happily disregard the First Amendment in the process? (They misinterpret the First Amendment and selectively embrace the Constitution anyway so it probably wouldn’t even be a factor to them.) They reject and fear what they portray as religious extremism when it comes from the Middle East but embrace their domestic version of it.

Am I the only one who finds the religious extremism of the radical right hypocritical?   Some examples you say; here you go. Is there any real difference between those who use Islam to justify their evil actions and those who pervert Christianity for the same purpose? Remember that one of the justifications the KKK uses is their Christianity (their accept denominations anyway). How can you preach all God’s children and simultaneously be a racist or a homophobe? If you believe in all God’s children how can you simultaneously hate Catholics, Jews and Muslims? How many good Christian knights of the Ku Klux Klan participated in the lynching of blacks?

How can you be anti-choice, (or pro-life as they prefer to portray themselves), and simultaneously pro-capital punishment and anti-health care? Are you only in favor of life until it comes into existence?

If you accept the proposition that celebrating Confederate heroes is part of your heritage and honors your ancestors them let’s look at a few other possible celebrations of heritage and ancestors. What about the decedents of the framers of the Constitution celebrating the three-fifths clause? How about the decedents of those who opposed women being granted the right to vote celebrating their ancestors? You might claim a time factor for the three-fifths clause because the Constitution was written in 1787, but the 19th Amendment wasn’t ratified until 1920 while the Civil War ended in 1865.

Right wingers are going crazy over a book about Trump entitled Big Agenda. In view of the results to date may I suggest a sequel for realists entitled Small Accomplishments? It could feature Trump’s hands on the cover.

For all those people who voted for Trump because they felt he was going to deliver them to what they perceived as their rightful place I would like to share an old Russian saying; “Free cheese can only be found in a mousetrap.”

This article was written well in advance of publishing to accommodate my travel schedule,

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