Some Of What Could Be

In one of his books the late Lee Iacocca stated that the American voters should demand that presidential candidates disclose who would be in their Cabinet if elected. Iacocca may have had some talent at selling Mustangs – more likely he was in the right place at the right time – but he was totally naïve (I’m being kind in my choice of words) when it came to being a major party presidential candidate. Major party candidates cannot disclose who would serve in their Cabinet and on their senior staff for a multitude of reasons; but op-ed writers can put out wish lists based on real world considerations. Let’s explore.    

I don’t even want to get into what things will be like if Trump remains in office. However I’d like to speculate on what a Biden administration might look like. Instead of the traditional position lineup I’m going to explore names and then list possible spots for them.

Richard Haass

Yes, I’m commencing my list with a conservative Republican. While the Republican Party may have dishonored itself there are still respectable Republicans left. Conservative and crazy are not synonyms and conservative thoughts are needed at the table in what should be a progressive administration.

Haass is a world class foreign policy expert and I could see him as a national Security Advisor, Secretary of State or in an Advisor role.

Paul Krugman and/or Joseph Stiglitz

I would love to see both in the administration if Biden could get them! Both are Nobel Prize winning economists. I could see them in roles including Economic Advisor, Treasury Secretary and a host of other economic posts.

Amy Klobuchar

I’d love to see her serve as the next Attorney General. Prior to her time in the Senate she was a prosecutor in Minnesota. While he is nearly a foot taller than her I can see Klobuchar cutting Donald Trump down to size. The current governor of Minnesota is a Democrat so her Senate seat would not be lost the shuffle.

Jay Inslee

It seems like the 2020 campaign has gone on forever so many have forgotten that Inslee was among the early candidates. He was arguably the strongest voice for the environment which needs a super strong voice at the table. In my mind he would be a perfect EPA Director.

Maria Yovanovitch

Another name many have relegated to the back of their mind. The ambassador is experienced, patriotic and principled. I could see her back in a foreign relations position like a senior position at State or the UN.

Sara Nelson

Here is a wild one for you: how about Sara Nelson as the Secretary of Labor? She is currently the president of the Association of Flight Attendants and an advisor to the Biden campaign. Sara is just flat out sharp, extremely knowledgeable of labor and economic history and extremely well spoken. Could she be the 21st century’s Frances Perkins? I have to admit that the part of my hometown that will never leave me (the main street in my town was named Union Road) would love to see a union official in that seat!

Andrew McCabe

This might be another of my “revenge/justice rehires”. McCabe was unfairly dismissed hours before his pension kicked in. He is certainly qualified for a senior position at Justice or the FBI.

Sally Yates

Her patriotism and courage were displayed in the first days of the Trump administration when she blew the whistle on Michael Flynn effectively sealing her fate at Justice. I bet Amy could find a position on her team for Ms. Yates.

Fiona Hill

A long time international expert who committed the ultimate sin in the Trump administration: she told the truth. Smart knowledgeable, courageous, patriotic and honest I’m certain we could find a place for her in the intelligence community.

Pete Buttigieg

He is the poster boy for the word smart. In addition he can actually argue and articulate a point. He could fit in so many spots including a White House Senior Advisor or Chief of Staff.

Cory Booker

Like Buttigieg, Booker was a Rhodes Scholar. His vacated Senate seat would stay Democratic and be a safe in 2022. His special interest would appear to be at HUD but he could play a multitude of positions and if I were Biden I’d love to have this former Division I football player on my team.

Nancy Meissonier

Forgot her? You are not alone. She is the former Director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases. Still don’t remember her? Let me jog your memory with one more fact. She was the first public official to warn us of COVID-19. She predicted the disruption to American life including the shutting down of schools.  Trump got rid of her quickly. With our health and scientific community devastated by Trump there have to be a multitude of holes she can fill.

Elizabeth Warren

I’m not sure I want to see this one based solely on political numbers. Warren is as good as they get in my book. She never really wanted to be a Senator; she wanted the head the CFPB which she designed. The Senate Republicans hated her and refused to confirm her to that job. Little did they envision that she would run for a seat in their chamber and become an “in house thorn” to them.

My only concern is her Senate seat. The Governor of Massachusetts is a Republican and her immediate replacement would be a Republican costing the Democrats a seat they might not be able to afford; all the more reason to hope for a blue wave in 2020.

Katie Porter

If she is reelected I’d love to see her stay in the House and work her way up to a position of power in that chamber in the future. If not I could envision her in any one of several slots including working for her old law school professor, Elizabeth Warren, if she were to choose to leave the Senate as outlined above.

Ta-Nehisi Coates

I think Coates is one of the smartest people in America. Inequity, racial and economic, is a major problem it is also Coates’ area of interest. I’d love to see him in a Senior Advisor role with the appropriate portfolio.

Andrew Yang

You can see my love of brain power. Yang, while a bit politically naive, is super smart. He is another person I’d like to see in Biden’s ear.

Brett Crozier

Captain Crozier was in command of the USS Theodore Roosevelt until his loyalty to his ship and oath collided with Donald Trump. The military needs men like him. I’d love to see him reinstated, promoted to Admiral and stationed in the Pentagon.

Michael Atkinson

This is another name you’ll probably need to be refreshed on. Atkinson was the IC Inspector General who ultimately let Congress know about the Ukrainegate whistleblower. Like many others, he got his “Trump reward”; he lost his job. Honesty and courage: there has to be a place for him in a Biden administration.

There are a lot of names and I could have gone on much longer. As president Joe Biden will have to be the Arbiter in Chief of his staff. The more intelligent and knowledgeable the input the better the finished product will be. You can help make it possible: VOTE!!!!!!

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