Snark Attack

I’m in a snaky mood today therefore I’m planning on writing an article citing several things and making a snarky comment about each. Let’s see how it turns out.

Florida Republican Representative Matt Gaetz eloped and married his girlfriend in California last weekend. Gaetz, while very much a back bencher, is one of the GOP’s leading fundraisers. He is also under investigation for possible involvement in among other things the employment of under age women for “sexual adventures”.

My conclusion is that a wife makes a better character witness than a girlfriend. It also takes longer to get divorced than to tell your boyfriend goodbye.

Owen Shroyer, who has a show on the radical right wing website Infowars has been charged in connection with 1/6.

I thought it was all hugs and kisses. Or was it a false flag Antifa operation? It is looking much more like a vast right wing conspiracy.

I’ll (proudly) be the butt of this next comment. The details have yet to be made public but it was “leaked” – I’m assuming accidentally on purpose – that Rachel Maddow has signed a contract extension with MSNBC.

I guess I won’t have to change the recording settings on my TV just yet.

Last Saturday Donald Trump held a rally in Alabama. During it he made a rather lukewarm statement encouraging people to get vaccinated. He was booed.

I’m of the opinion that Trump was and still is a symptom not the disease that is today’s GOP. That appears to be an exhibit for the court of public opinion.

At the same rally Alabama Representative and candidate (probably favorite) for the Republican nod for the open Senate seat in 2022, Mo Brooks, asked the crowd to forget about the 2020 election and concentrate on 2022 (where he conveniently plans on being the candidate at the top of the ballot) and 2024. The crowd jeered him. Mo appeared shocked and quickly amended his pitch. Shortly thereafter he released a statement reaffirming his contention that there was widespread fraud in the 2020 election and that Trump really won in a landslide.

Has the GOP really sunk so far that Brooks isn’t crazy enough for them?

Monday it was announced that the results of the Arizona fraudit (which appears to still be going on – don’t try to make sense of it) will be delayed because several members of the audit committee are sick with COVID-19. To many, this was the first they heard of an audit committee. The fraudit is being run by a single person firm called Cyber Ninjas (problem with the concept of singular and plural anyone?).

According to right wing mythology the coronavirus is a hoax. To anyone who is paying attention and has an above room temperature IQ the fraudit is a hoax (and a joke). Therefore, if you believe both theories, (only one of which is based in fact) we have the unique situation where a hoax has delayed the unveiling of the results of a hoax.

I was born in Western New York. I didn’t move from it until I was well into my 40s. I know the weather on the Atlantic coast was a bit different and it wasn’t front and center in my mind but I paid a lot of attention to it; given the news media I was exposed to I didn’t have much choice. In fact, much of my education and young adult employment involved entities that were statewide. This last weekend much of the region was anticipating the arrival of Hurricane Henri. My hurricane experience comes from the ten years I lived in Florida not the 47 spent in New York. In fact, I can’t remember a hurricane threat during my time in New York.

New York is a blue state so it is all probably a liberal hoax.

The was record flooding in Tennessee over the last week. The number of dead and missing is still being determined at this writing.
Tennessee is a reliable red state so other than the effects of climate change how do the “genius” Republicans account for the extreme weather?

A Florida couple vacationing in Hawaii with their young children were arrested for presenting fake vaccination cards to authorities at the airport. The couple not only presented fake cards for themselves but also for their two children who were well under 12. That raised the suspicions of authorities.

Remember, Trump said, “We love the less well educated”. I’ll just leave it there.

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