Are you frustrated with the pace (and at this point too often lack) of justice for Donald Trump and the January 6th insurrectionists? If so, count yourself among the many. It’s coming and, in some cases, has already occurred. Seriously! We found that out again last week.

Last week was again a week with a lot of competition for the biggest political story of the week but I’m choosing the conviction of four members of the Proud Boys on seditious conspiracy. They were also found guilty of other felonies and other Proud Boys were also found guilty of lesser felonies. These verdicts were not lone occurrences but additions to previous convictions. Keep in mind that seditious conspiracy is seldom charged because it is nearly impossible to get a conviction on it. Seditious conspiracy carries a possible penalty of 20 years in federal prison.

On Friday a Pennsylvania man was sentenced to 14 years in prison for his role in the 1/6 domestic terrorist event. 14 years is serious time! His convictions included assaulting a law enforcement officer. As liberal as I am it is still simple: We cannot allow people to assault law officers! That is a serious transgression that cannot be tolerated in America.

One of the main reasons that the response to recent Trump indictments and court actions has been so tepid is that many of the worst of the worst are already in jail or prison. Add to that the deterrent effect on the “next tier” when they see what has happened to the more radical.

If Georgia Republicans can’t sufficiently obstruct justice first – and Governor Kemp by signing the bill in question you are complicit in this one – Trump’s legal fate in Georgia took a turn for the worse Friday. Late that afternoon news broke that at least 8 (the number appears to be nine) fake electors have turned state’s evidence.

Some Trump supporters have already gone to prison for their efforts on his behalf. More will undoubtedly follow. Not to mention disbarred and/or disciplined attorneys. Justice, especially for the wealthy and white collar criminals, moves agonizingly slowly in America. But it does happen. Remember they finally got Al Capone and John Gotti.

If you are a bit concerned with my organized crime reference, remember from its early days I have viewed, and advised my readers to view, the Trump administration/organization/gang as an organized criminal enterprise. It looks even more that way with the passage of time. The way I see it the only thing that can save Trump from criminal convictions is prior death. Unless you are as (you insert the word of your choice – there are many) as Dr. now Representative Ronny Jackson, Trump is far from a great physical specimen.

Jack Smith is a typical Justice Department operative in that he is rather tight lipped. However, news is coming out that gives us reason to believe that his investigation is progressing and progressing rapidly (for a Merrick Garland Justice Department anyway). I expect criminal charges on that front too. I don’t see Smith seeking an indictment until he is reasonably certain that he can get a conviction.

Many of Trump’s people are in prison and more are headed there. Remember organized crime investigations/prosecutions are bottom up operations.

And yes, I too wish things were moving faster. Remember Trump can get off on a technicality; prosecutors have to be 100% correct every time.

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