Sink Or Swim With Trump

Sunday former Teapublican Representative Joe Walsh announced he would challenge Donald Trump for the 2020 Republican presidential nomination. Former Republican Massachusetts Governor William Weld had previously announced. Although I doubt anyone can upset Trump in the GOP primary, time is running out for a challenger with a better than snowball’s chance in Hades to step up. Let’s explore.

Weld last held public office in 1997. Elton John’s (now Sir Elton John) Candle in the Wind topped the Billboard charts and Titanic out grossed all movies at the box office that year. That is over thirty years ago and the vast majority of voters do not remember him or his time in office.

Joe Walsh was elected to the House of Representatives as part of the 2010 Tea Party wave. The one place he can give Trump a run for his money is in the scandal department. Walsh and Weld combined do not come close to presenting a threat to Trump.

The one Republican who could present a significant challenge is John Kasich who has refused to join the contest. Kasich (probably correctly) says he doesn’t see a path to victory. What he misses is that there are things much bigger than the 2020 GOP nomination at stake here. Trump is a threat to the world, America and the Republican Party. Therefore he must be stopped if you have any loyalty to any of the three.

The Republicans are so afraid of Trump that they are willing to risk the future of their Party. As to the planet and the country they are leaving that to the American electorate; hopefully with help from the Democratic Party.

There is a market for a center-right political party in America. Long ago I predicted the Tea Party would bring about the demise of the GOP. Today I am more convinced than ever that I am correct. Without the Tea Party we never would have had President (or nominee) Donald Trump. Years ago I also said that the Tea Party was a greater danger to America than foreign terrorists. My reasoning is that the Tea Party was here (America) and the terrorists (largely) weren’t. History is proving me to be correct on that count too. In the aftermath of Trump the Republican Party will either have to undergo a major transformation or emerge under a new name. In either event it will have to move toward the political center and back to some of its roots.

Even as a progressive I can see the attractiveness of a fiscally conservative political party. I’m old enough to remember when that was a core value of the Republican Party.

I have to wonder if the Republican Party wasn’t buried with John McCain. I often disagreed with him on policy but I never questioned his integrity or commitment to his political principles. The current version of the GOP looks more like an organized crime family. Dons Trump and McConnell share the turf of Washington while reporting to the Don of Dons, Vladimir Putin.

I threw in the music and movie references as somewhat of an afterthought during the writing process. They do seem to be appropriate. The Titanic ultimately sunk and a candle’s flame in the wind cannot survive.

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  1. Fiscal conservatism? Ha! The Republicans haven’t done any of that for 40 years!

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