Silence Of The Scams

Before I get into the theme of today’s article I’d like to take a moment to denounce some recent actions on the political left particularly Wednesday morning’s shooting in Virginia. This is most definitely not how we resolve our differences in America. Again, this act of domestic terrorism was facilitated by the ease with which people who should not have firearms can get them in America and the availability of weapons that simply do not belong in hands other than those of law enforcement and the military. I really don’t expect Congress to use their power to begin to correct this situation. If the death of twenty babies in Connecticut couldn’t trump the power of the gun lobby the wounding of one Representative from Louisiana certainly won’t.

Russiagate and the organized criminal enterprise in the White House again topped the news last week. I’d like to take a look at some of the enablers and a prediction I can make. Let’s explore.

On Tuesday Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard “Stonewall” Sessions “testified” before the Senate Intelligence Committee in a televised open session.  There were two words in quotation marks in the preceding sentence. The first is “Stonewall”; a nickname Sessions earned because that is exactly what he did by not answering questions. “Testified” because what Sessions did fell far short of the complete truth expected in testimony under oath!

In a plethora of cases Sessions was smart (and perhaps occasionally honest) when he “answered” a question with some derivation of, “I do not recall.” This intellectual relic from the pre-Civil War South is not very bright which lends some believability to those replies. On several occasions he cited Justice Department rules that have been proven not to exist. (Typical of the right wing – when you can’t justify your actions with facts, just make stuff up.) He also tried to invent some new legal standard of preserving Executive Privilege. That legal principle doesn’t exist because if it did any communication with the President could not be publically discussed without the express prior permission of the President – simply not a practical matter, nor a small “d” democratic one.

Sessions’ tactics were not that different from those employed by several other Trump appointees when they appeared before the same committee the prior week. With the exception of James Comey’s testimony the last two weeks of televised Senate Intelligence Committee meetings were a collective nothingburger.

The big rumor last week was that Trump was going to fire Special Consul Robert Mueller. I’ll spare you all the technical talk about how he can or can’t do it. The bottom line is that through any one of several sets of gyrations Trump can effectively fire Mueller. The question is will he. Assistant Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders denied the rumor. Considering how Trump treats his communication staff that is a piece of “evidence” best ignored as irrelevant and hearsay. Therefore, the question remains.

Intimidation is one of the favorite tools of bullies. It appears Trump tried to bully James Comey (without success). The rumor floating of Mueller’s firing among other things is an attempt to bully Mueller. I think that gambit will be equally unsuccessful. People like Comey and Mueller are unfamiliar creatures to Trump; he is not used to dealing with honorable men.

Guys who write political op-eds are supposed to make predictions of future political occurrences. I’ve been just about as good as almost everyone else when it comes to predicting Trump (very bad). I don’t know what is going to happen but I think I know what Trump “reasoning process” will be. Trump is running a scam the scale of which has never before been seen in American government. He is making us look like a banana republic with the biggest economy in the history of the planet. Anyone who thinks the Russiagate/Emoluments Clause/Conflict of Interest thing is all fake news is simply willfully ignoring reality! The thing with scans/cons/skimming operations is that the longer they last the more money they take in. Trump realizes that and he also realizes that the President of the United States is never going to jail. He wants to keep the clock running.

Sally Yates, Preet Bharara, James Comey; all were fired because Trump thought he would lengthen his Oval Office lifespan by firing them. In Comey’s case it may have backfired. With the possible exception of James Mattis it looks like his entire Cabinet and many other key administration figures are willing to stonewall to help the clock keep running.

There are already figurative political bodies in the Potomac adding Robert Mueller to the collection won’t bother Trump or his silent enablers one bit.

Please note this article was written Wednesday afternoon for posting Sunday morning.

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