Barring something totally unexpected happening to her campaign or her having a catastrophic performance on October 19th Hillary Clinton will be elected President of the United States on November 8th. Last night’s debate assured that. Clinton soundly beat Donald Trump on both substance and style.

Trump entered last night with his campaign on life support (and that might be an overly optimistic assessment). Some ninety minutes before the event he invited the press to watch what was falsely billed as his debate prep. They were greeted by Trump siting in the middle of four women who accused Bill Clinton of improper sexual advances on them in the past. In football they call that a Hail Mary pass. A Hail Mary pass is a last second, nothing to lose, desperation play. That’s how you finish a losing game; not how you start one much less something you practice in pre-game warm-ups. What I’m certain was not lost on the legitimate media is this is the second time Trump lured them into an event on false pretenses.

What is it with Republicans and ninety minutes? Tuesday the RNC released a statement (complete with details) about how Mike Pence won the Vice Presidential Debate ninety minutes before the event had started.

Trump’s pre-game maneuver was one of a desperate, ignorant candidate who is over his head. Among many things Trump fails to realize is that he is running against Hillary not Bill Clinton. As to the women at the “debate prep”; their accusations may or may not be true however they just threw in their lots with an admitted sexual assaulter. (More about that in tomorrow’s post.)

The debate was a town hall format with the questioners selected and identified by the Gallup organization as true undecided. There were also two moderators: Anderson Cooper of CNN and Martha Raddatz of ABC. I think they both did a good job especially Raddatz. Of course Trump attacked them early and often; at one point saying it was an unfair three on one affair.

The only people who will consider Trump the winner are what I refer to as the Bubbas. That is Trump’s primary base which he is still trying to solidify. When you are still solidifying your primary base in October you are toast.

The debate started with the two candidates coming out on stage, nodding to each other, never shaking hands and staying a yard apart.

The first question, which came from the audience, dealt with the TV-MA rating quality of the first debate and the campaign. Both candidates used it primarily as an opportunity to make opening statements. The immediate follow-up from Cooper brought up the tapes which Trump defended as locker room banter. (More about that in tomorrow’s post also.) That set off twenty minutes of each candidate insulting the other and getting their talking points introduced into the conversation. Trump soon began an evening long reliance on long debunked zombie lies; which he capped off with a promise that if he wins he will appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary.

The next question from the audience didn’t come until 9:30. Keep in mind this was a town hall style debate where the majority of questions are supposed to come from the audience.

Getting to style – there was almost nothing new in substance – Trump looked like a bored caged lion that prowled the stage with a sour expression on his face when he wasn’t sniffling into the microphone. Hillary mostly smiled when not speaking and let Trump just continue to dig himself deeper into the hole he is in.

I was very disappointed that climate change was never the subject of a question. It only received one brief mention (by Hillary) as part of an answer at 10:33pm. The only thing that followed was a fluff question which Hillary quickly spun into a closing statement and Trump (who had the advantage of going second) just wasted.

Despite Trump’s complaints about Cooper and Raddatz there were no questions about the Donald J. Trump Foundation. That can probably be attributed to newer scandals coming from The Donald.

This nasty debate did somehow end with a handshake. (I must admit there are times I just can’t figure these two out.) What happened after that was telling. Trump was greeted by his family and paid attention to nobody else. As soon as possible the Trump entourage exited. Clinton immediately interacted with the audience. Who do you think won over the majority of the persuadables?

I will be interested in the actions of establishment Republicans and the RNC over the next day or so. I’d advise them to distance themselves from Trump and concentrate their efforts on the Senate and House races. At this point it looks like I’ll be in Washington on January 20, 2017.

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  1. It was another shameful performance by Trump. I smack my head wondering how it is possible that this thug is the nominee. The debate was as short on substance as is the Donald. Sad.

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