Should Disney Sue Trump?

I am not an expert historian on presidential cabinets but I have to think Trump’s is one of, if not, the worst ever assembled. Without referring to physical appearance, it reminds me of the bar room scene in Star Wars; which begs the question: Should Disney sue Trump? Let’s explore.

In 1977 George Lucas produced the movie Star Wars which was an instant hit and is now an American movie classic of the highest order. One of the most memorable scene is an incoherently unlikely collection of characters gathered in a bar room. In 2012 Lucas’ company, Lucasfilm, sold out to The Walt Disney Company. The sale included the rights to Star Wars.

I’d like to take a look at a few of the collection of odd fellow and gals Trump calls his cabinet along with one member of the “supporting cast.”

Yesterday Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin tried to match wits with Representative Maxine Waters and came out well on the short end. Note to Mnuchin: While your comprehension of the English language may well be at the elementary school level, using that as a method of covering your lies to a Congressional committee usually doesn’t work. Aunty Maxine (as she likes to call herself) or low-IQ Maxine Waters (as your boss calls her) got you!

I know it might be a radical idea in the age of Trump, but I think the United States could use an attorney that served the people, defended the Constitution and our nation’s laws. I think a good title for that person would be Attorney General. Opps, I forgot Bill Barr currently holds that title although he appears to be representing the interests of Donald Trump and certainly not America, its citizens, Constitution or laws. In fact yesterday he revealed that despite being America’s top law enforcement officer he couldn’t tell the difference between a criminal investigation and espionage. Oh by the way, the genesis of “The Dossier” – which wasn’t the beginning of the FBI’s investigation into the Trump campaign, except in right wing mythology – was actually the Rubio campaign. The last time I check Marco Rubio was a Republican Senator from Florida and ran for president in the 2016 Republican primary.

This week we saw Texas Tech bow to Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ quest to turn back the calendar to the time prior to the Brown v Board of Education decision. Who knew Texas Tech had a medical school anyway? Note to self: Don’t get sick in Texas!

It must be comforting to Trump to know that his Labor Secretary, Alex Acosta, has a history of “accommodating” wealthy male rapists. While there is no credible flat out accusation of Trump being a rapist, he is a self-admitted (in fact he was caught bragging) sexual assaulter.

Then there is famous international money launderer and current Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross who keeps lying to Congress to cover up his xenophobic voter suppression scheme. As the various investigations into Trump’s business practices continue (and in most instances accelerate) I have a hunch we’ll be hearing more about Wilbur.

How can you hate a man who is loyal to his alma mater? During one particularly crucial part of the “national emergency” on the southern border HHS Secretary Alex Azar went to a reunion at Dartmouth as opposed to staying on the job. Whatever happened to America first?

I guess it is equally difficult to hate a man who is interested in equity. A day after a social media platform announced it would crack down on its platform being used for hate speech HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson announced his department was looking into housing discrimination by Google and Twitter. Let’s hope he doesn’t shut Twitter down. If he did Trump would be left with only calling into Fox and Friends when he wanted to announce policy.

We don’t have to worry about Carson having gone into a depression after the furniture fiasco. He seems to be perfectly happy taking a lot of Fridays off or at least skipping out of the office early to fly down to Florida to have a late lunch with My Pillow founder, Trump supporter, Mar-a-Lago member and recovering drug addict Mike Lindell.

As to the supporting cast I just want to cite one member today, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders. In response to Senator Bernie Sanders introducing a universal health care bill, yesterday she tweeted that Trump would defend America from becoming a socialist nation. I shouldn’t pick on poor Sarah. She hasn’t had a lot of the advantages in life I had. I guess it is simply too much to ask that Trump hire people who know the difference between health care and socialism. Whatever happened to only the best?

After reading this we may all want to “jump into the page” because we may find ourselves in need of a drink regardless of who the other patrons are.

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