Short Article. Small Target. Huge Impact.

Today’s article will be short. It is primarily an open letter to the voters of Wisconsin. Its impact could well be national in scope. I know, I live in North Carolina where we are just beginning to feel the impact of having lost control of our state supreme court to right wing extremists.

On April 4th Wisconsin will hold an election to fill a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. The term is 10 years. The choice is a stark one with sever consequences. The winner will either solidify the right wing’s hold on the court or flip it to a liberal one.
Janet Protasiewicz is the Democratic candidate and she needs to be elected for, among other reasons, the sake of American democracy and values. It is really that simple.

Her Republican opponent lost a contest for the high court in 2020 and has promised to keep a 1949 law banning abortion in place. Wisconsin (much like my home state of North Carolina) is a textbook for nullifying the voter’s choice via gerrymandering. Her Republican opponent has vowed to not interfere with the gerrymandered maps put forth by the Wisconsin Republicans. He has also indicated that he would be willing to go along with a proposed plot that would determine how Wisconsin’s 10 electoral votes in the 2024 election would be awarded. Isn’t letting the voters determine that a principle of representative democracy?

The choice is clear. Only one candidate is pro women’s rights, pro-democracy and pro-America. That candidate is Janet Protasiewicz. You can take it from there.

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