Short And Bitter

Todays will be one of the shortest articles I write this year. The last paragraph contains important information for surviving in Donald Trump’s America.

Monday we awoke to the news that a sailor from the USS Theodore Roosevelt has died from the coronavirus. Yes, that is the ship where then-Secretary of the Navy Thomas Modly relieved Captain Brett Crozier of command in an effort to placate his boss Donald Trump. Does it still seem like a “Hoax” to you now Mr. President?

Without any basis in science Trump has been touting Hydroxychloroquine as a cure for the coronavirus. In early tests not only does it appear to be ineffective; it is suspected of being harmful in some cases.

Trump claims to have solved all our problems with North Korea and Iran. He claims tons of foreign money are just pouring into the Treasury via his tariffs. None of that is true.

Oh, by the way, are you tired of all the winning under Trump yet?

Trump is a liar, period; full stop!

Here is some coronavirus survival advice: Don’t believe a word coming out of Trump’s mouth!

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