Shameful Behavior

Timestamp: Early Saturday evening

I chose to timestamp this article because the behavior I’m going to cite is not only repulsive, it is ongoing and especially with the Sunday shows still to air prior to publishing who knows what else will transpire.

I expected Donald Trump to act like a defiant jerk in the wake of the guilty verdicts but the reaction of his posse is disgusting! Trump is not very bright and a social misfit. He has spent his entire adult life desiring acceptance from everyone in the establishment, especially the Manhattan elite, and has miserably failed in that quest. The only people he has convinced that the emperor is clad in superlative attire are the low information and low IQ people. His true followers, and he does have them, are the type who watched reality TV and think it is actually real. They think Donald Trump was a huge business success and business genius. That’s like thinking the overweight guy on the local bar team really could be a big league slugger.

The only reason Trump never had to get a legitimate day job is because as a member of the Lucky Sperm Cell Club his daddy largely gave him a no-show one. He was (and may still be for the present anyway) wealthy because he was born that way.

What bothers me is the behavior of those who, in at least most cases, know better but choose to follow him blindly. Is it out of fear like senior Nazis followed Hitler? In the immediate aftermath of the verdict the following Republicans are among those who made full throated defenses of him and/or admonishments of the American judicial system: North Dakota Governor Doug Bergum, Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Missouri Senator Josh Hawley, House Speaker Mike Johnson of Louisiana, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott and Ohio Senator J. D. Vance.

One Republican who actually acted like an America was former Maryland Governor and current Republican candidate for the Senate, Larry Hogan. In the time period between when the jury announcing it had reached a verdict and revealing it in court Hogan issued a statement saying that the verdict, regardless of what it was, should be respected. The Trump campaign immediately responded telling him his campaign was over. Straight out of a B-grade mob movie?

The Republicans, and have no doubt The Six are Republicans of the far right, are at it again; or should I say still at it? Samuel Alito is refusing to acknowledge his role in his family’s flag antics, largely blaming it on his wife. Brave guy there! In fact, he refuses to discuss it with Senators. He is basically playing a school yard maturity level game of “You can’t make me”.

Clarence Thomas has all but hung a “For Sale” sign on his office door. The only “redeeming” thing I can say about him is he doesn’t come cheap.

Chief Justice John Roberts has recently received a lot of praise from many on the left. Not from me or on this site. Roberts has not only proven incapable or unwilling (I’d bet on the former) to control the Court but now refuses to even meet with Senators charged with overseeing it. There has always been a struggle among the three theoretically co-equal branches but this goes beyond that to nose thumbing defiance.

The title of today’s article says it all – shameful behavior!

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