Sentenced. Saved?

I’ve been told that it is not polite to derive joy from other people’s misfortune, but…. Perhaps in this case it is more like hope.

Monday the parents of a Michigan school shooter, where the shooting resulted in four young people’s death, received sentences of 10-15 years for their negligence contributing to the tragedy. I can’t say I’m happy – that’s just not the fitting word – but I was glad to see a serious time sentence issued.

There have been other similar cases where the general plot is that when young people get guns they didn’t do it on their own. I very much believe in the Second Amendment – all 27 words of it, but that is another story for another article – however with rights comes responsibility. If you can’t handle a weapon responsibly you don’t deserve the privilege of having it.

Although I am far from a conservative, I respect that legitimate political philosophy and one of my pet peeves are the people who hide behind the label of conservative and certainly are not. The idea of personal responsibility is basically a conservative idea. One I can respect. If you have a weapon you are personally responsible for securing it. If you fail to you should face the consequences.

It is debatable as to just how much of a deterrent punishment is for future commissions of the same crime. I’m of the school of thought that while not a panacea it is at least to some degree effective. Hopefully this sentence will at least make some people think twice and act responsibly.

In this case the victims were innocent. Their only “crime” was going to school. If this will serve as a lesson to others innocent lives will be saved. Those lives could belong to you or someone you love.

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  1. As a kid I learned early from my father that punishment IS a deterrent. There were a lot of irresponsible things I might have done if I hadn’t feared his punishment.

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