Selling Possible

I guess if you live in Never Neverland selling the possible isn’t that much of a stretch; especially if you are a world class con man to start with. That’s what Donald Trump appears to be up to.

I hope it’s not just wishful thinking on my part, but the chances of Donald Trump returning to the White House are increasingly unlikely but still very, very possible. Yet, of late he is busy trying to bail himself out of his financial hole and keep scamming -which is what he is good at in addition to cheating and deceiving – by selling influence over him when he again becomes president of the United States. If you follow his recent actions the strategy is obvious. Today I want to concentrate on one interaction.

Jeff Yass is getting his fifteen minutes of fame. Yass is a billionaire largely unknown to the public. Yass is a right wing deep pocketed financier. People like him don’t make campaign donations; they make investments on which they expect a substantial return.

Yass owns a substantial piece of both Tik Tok and the media company that merged with (read: bought) Trump’s fake Twitter site, Truth Social. After a recent Mar-a-Lago meeting with Yass, Trump did an about face on Tik Tok. Coincidence or cause and effect? Last week the Truth Social merger was approved which swelled Trump’s wealth (on paper at least). You connect the dots there; it’s not that difficult.

You might question the wisdom of “buying” Truth Social. You wouldn’t be alone, I did. Truth Social is in my mind basically worthless. It is hemorrhaging money and a wildly profitable future certainly isn’t on any reasonably projectable horizon. But what if your “investment” was only short term and you intended to divest to the gullible? That would be a much lower risk venture if you were Yass. Trump will also bail, in large part because he needs the cash. As in any con. A lot of marks will end up holding the bag. Trump has long (you could argue always) been a master of doing things with other people’s money.

For what will end up being a loan from Yass, Trump will be beholden. That is a dangerous thing if he should regain the White House. From Yass’ standpoint it is an acceptable risk venture where he should be able to reap a small profit and if Trump regains the presidency who knows what favors will be asked and granted.

Much of the subsequent transactions will be dark or relatively dark. Don’t expect any big public disclosures. Required reportings will be last minute, if not late. We are much more likely to learn of them via the work of investigative reporters. (Any wonder why regulators and legitimate press are considered to be the enemy by the extreme right wing? Remember criminals don’t like cops.)

If Tik Tok is in fact in part an espionage tool of the Chinese Communists, do you really think either Yass or Trump cares? My answer is not if they are making a buck or saving their butt in the process.

I’m basing all this on open-source information and in the first few days after the initial transactions. My prediction is that both Trump and Yass will bail out of the deal before the storm and a lot of regular Joes will be left holding the bag. Some of them will be less than brilliant investors who you may, understandably, not feel sorry for, but many will be ignorant of their position because it will be via pension funds, mutual funds and the like.

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